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In a concession to my rapidly-approaching 30th birthday, about a month ago I started wearing makeup every day. Well, at least on work days. Ok, almost every day on work days. Occasionally I just can't be bothered. I've never really been a makeup kind of girl. I went through the whole baby blue eye shadow phase in Junior High, but that was about the end of it. If I was going out to dinner somewhere nice I might occasionally see my way clear to break out the eyeliner and lipstick, but not always. I've had a few rounds of trying to at least wear mascara to work every day, but I always end up forgetting and giving up.

So I've changed my ways. Now, I'm talking pretty basic stuff here - no four different shades of eye shadow for me - but I am doing things like using foundation, which was a major step for me. I don't think it's really obvious, but I do think I definitely look different. Nobody has noticed. Nobody. Not one single, solitary person. At first I wondered if I just looked like a clown and people were being nice, but there are people in my life who would let me know. So now I think that it doesn't really look any different and I am wasting my time. Either that, or possibly nobody actually looks at me. I'm wearing a clown nose all day today to test that theory - I'll let you know how it goes.

As a side effect, however, I now have two big honking zits on my chin. I've named them Albert and Victoria, because really they are so big and red and shiny they deserve to be royalty. I blame the makeup entirely. I'm sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with stress or the fact that I have been forgetting to use my Magic Zit Potion or that I haven't gone to the gym in 2 weeks or the Crazy Random Hormone Mood Swing pills that I was taking (in that they tend to cause crazy random hormone mood swings, not that they are intended to treat crazy random hormone mood swings).

Also, how is it that I totally slack off on the gym thing for 2 weeks, ok, 2 and a half weeks, and lose 4 pounds? And also how is it that I lose 4 pounds and yet my butt gets bigger? Can anyone explain that to me, or should I donate my butt to science? And since we are already speaking of my butt, I have a pulled butt muscle. From bowling. How embarrassing is that?

I'm just so girlie today - hopefully it will clear itself up soon.

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Bowling is good for pulling all sorts of random muscles, especially in the buttal region. I understand.

Also I totally agree with your zit assessment. Stress? Crazy Hormones? No exercise? Totally not the culprit. It's all that damn makeup. It's a conspiracy - you wear makeup and get zits and then need to wear more makeup to cover the zits and so on and so forth. Evil makeup people.

I have the same issue with makeup. I go back and forth on wearing it and not wearing it. Try a good brand that is oil free maybe. And also try putting on some sort of moisturizer in the mornings and letting it dry before putting on the makeup. Hope that helps!

Yes...Girlie girl! Moisturizer first, use something like Almay since your normally make up free! VERY IMPORTANT STEP NEVER NEVER NEVER sleep with make up on.

No one is noticing that is GOOD you don't look like a clown! They just think you are getting laid! Relax...if you looked bad BELIEVE me everyone would be looking at you funny! Please be kind to yourself! You are Beautiful! Bra straps and all! : )

Where is our self-esteem anyway!? Gah! I go through it too! We are all alike! I understand about the losing weight and butt getting bigger! I don't eat and I GAIN 5 lbs! I just don't understand the body!

As a non girlie girl myself. I have discovered the joys of "TINTED MOISTURIZER".
Clinique "almost make up" is, in my opinion, by far the best.

I've had the same bowling injury myself! How is it possible that old fat guys do this all the time, yet when young pretty women do it, we hurt ourselves? Such a mystery.

You know, I've worn makeup every day since I was a teenager. But these last 2 weeks I haven't been able to. I got a tan and now all of my foundation and such is 2 shades too light. And really? I haven't noticed much of a difference. Maybe I'll just start going without.

I've never worn makeup and don't really want to. But if you do wear it, isn't the point for people NOT to notice it?

I don't think you want people to say, "Nice makeup."

That might be the weirdest compliment ever.

Girl, if you can get away without wearing any makeup, go for it!!! Im jealous. I dont wear makeup if im just around the house and not doing much of anything but I have found myself wearing makeup to work all the time. I never used makeup till I was out of high school. I wish I still had the complexion I had back then but I have begun to notice all the sun damage I have received over the past few years from tanning beds and the sun. Yuck! So more power to you....go without the makeup!

i put makeup on every morning before work/class because i have an oily complexion and have to tone it down with cover girl powder and such. but by the afternoon i notice i can wash my face and it looks just fine. there is something about my freshly washed face in the morning that just seems too shiny. i dunno.

I'm dealing with the whole "Turning 30 on my next birthday, I should learn how to put on makeup" thing too...its a tough one. And toothepaste works great for drying out zits. You heard it here.

"I see you finally decided to make an effort with your appearence. Good job!" ; )

I only wear makeup once in a while (the 3x a year I actually go out) and I never wear foundation because it makes me feel claustraphobic. How's that for a neuroses?

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