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Great to shit in 0.2 seconds

Wow - I just went from a perfectly fine mood to a shit mood so fast I think I gave myself whiplash.


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Be of good cheer!

I hate it when that happens. Most of the time you can't even pinpoint what caused it ... bleh! Hope it gets better.

Can relate to that. Usually PMS and this month also moving pisses me off when I think about it. Hope you're feeling better.

PMS does it for me. Of course, so does associating with stupid people. Or rude people. Or especially, dumb-shits.

I know exactly what you mean. Although I've been in such a bitchy mood lately. Hope you swing back to a good mood. Maybe if you do it quick enough you can reverse the whiplash.

I know what you mean. Hope you can get back to great (or good) in the least amount of seconds possible. Chocolate?

My whiplash today was caused by GIANT pills you have to give to cats that don't want them... Maybe thinking of your pretend celebrity boyfriend will help...or maybe a spa treatment! : )

i find copius amounts of wine OR chocolate is sure cure whip lash...oh and oneof those collars.

Doesnt it suck that it happens THAT way all the time, but how often to you get whiplash from going bad to good so fast? Why is that?

Why doesn't it work the other way around?

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