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I want to be a part of it

Sweet Jesus. Is anybody tired of me yet? Personally, I am sick unto death of listening to me whine. So let's have done with it - poor little me, the big bad world has done me wrong. Gnashing of teeth, etc., etc. Enough - done. Time to choose my attitude and all that, let's talk about something else.

But first, let's talk about how amazing and lovely you people are. I heart every one of you. Thanks for helping.

I've pretty much decided that the phantom stomach slash side slash back pain is definitely appendicitis. However, I have a four day weekend next week so I am trying to put off the surgery until after that. If you want to send me flowers in the hospital, my favorite flowers are tulips and my favorite color is purple. If you have trouble finding tulips, being out of season and all, you are welcome to send bouquets of wine instead.

So here's the thing - I'm going to New York in October and need an entirely new wardrobe before I go. The last time I was there I could have stamped "tourist" on my forehead and it would not have made the fact any more obvious. This time, I'm determined to be cool. We went to New York for our honeymoon and are going back for our fifth anniversary. The difference is that when we got married we were very poor. Our entire combined income was less than I make myself now (and let's all hope that my employer never figures out how overpaid I am since all I do all day anymore is blog). On our honeymoon, we had $500 to spend for the week. Now, that is slightly more than I would like to pay for a fancy dinner. (Well, ok, it is considerably more than I would like to spend for a fancy dinner, but you get the idea.)

And so once I again I need your help. What should we do while we are there? And much more importantly, where should we eat? We did lots of the tourist stuff last time, and will do more this time but I would also like to do and see some things that are off the beaten tourist track. I'd like to see at least one off-Broadway show. I want to eat lots of scrummy, delicious, vegetarian things. We're going to Becco on our anniversary (if I ever remember to make the reservation) but other than that I'm open to suggestions. Suggestions, anyone?

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Is there a problem? No one told me about a problem? What problem?

Well, this will be the 2nd unhelpful comment (no offense, Bob), since I don't have any recommendations for you. Just wanted to say have a great time when you go.

Serendipity! We waited in line, outside, in the somewhat miserable weather! It was worth it! Its a yummy place for desserts! Have fun in NY and take lotsa pictures!

What ever you do ~ DON'T eat at Chevys! That's ALL I'm saying!

And have fun!

It is entirely possible that you have an upper UTI infection....just thought I would throw that out...since that was my symptom. Nothing more nothing less...little cipro and I was good to go :-).

Have a great anniversary!

you should go to south street seaport, of course all of times square - and i mean ALL of it, if the restaurant Astis is still around, find that (it's where they sing happy birthday to tom hanks in the movie Big -- an interesting place where the patrons are part of the entertainment -- i was lead to my death).

For a kick-ass fancy-schmancy meal, try L'Cote Basque. I hate gourmet food and even I loved it.

And on the non-gourmet side: you MUST try a hot dog from Gray's Papaya. I'm serious. They are the most heavenly hot dogs on God's green earth. Even if you don't like hot dogs you will love these. My damned mouth is watering right now, thinking about it. *sob*

As for stuff to about a helicopter ride? They take you around Manhattan. We did that on our honeymoon. It was really cool. Also, this is a pretty obvious one, but I have to recommend the Natural History Museum. Fascinating stuff.

Try the one of the Hudson River Ferry's! Those are fun and if you like, you can even take one north through the Hudson Valley and see its castles, historic mansions and century-old lighthouses. Its kinda romantic too!

We did the one around Manhattan at was unforgetable!

I second Dawn in the vote for Serendipity. We waited in line in the miserable rain and when we got inside we felt like total rock-star fools. The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is oh-so-good.

Tavern on the Green. It's a bit pricey but worth every penny. I took my Mom to NYC for her 65th birthday and that's where we had dinner.

Oops..I forgot to say Happy Anniversary!

I know you said off-Broadway, but I saw "Wicked" and "Hairspray" earlier this year, and both were wonderful. I highly recomend both, and if you do some online searches, you might be able to find discount codes for tickets.

As for restaurants, I direct you to Browse the boards for ideas and post questions.

And I just like to walk around the city, provided that it's not too hot and humid like it was this last weekend. Walk and eat hot dogs. Yum.

If you want to do something cheesy and expensive, I say definitely go have a drink at the Plaza -- it's pretty beautiful. If you're looking for more casual things in between, make the trip out to Coney Island and walk down the pier to Brighton Beach; the culture there is cool to watch. Oh, and Grimaldi's in Brooklyn Heights for pizza, and Broadway for shopping. (Pearl River Mart? To DIE for.)

I'm so jealous now.

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