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Less Whining, but now with more bad grammar!

Ok, let's talk about something that doesn't suck, just for a change.

Last Friday, I my very own self had lunch live and in person with the Amazing and Beauteous Dawnie. And also my husband. And you know how sometimes you get to know someone online and they seem great and then you meet them in person and they turn out to be lunatic bitches? That is not at all what happened with Dawnie. Dawnie is even more Amazing and Beauteous in person than she is on the internet and I think I will start a Dawnie Cult. Or maybe just a Dawnie Fan Club to start off with and see how if goes and then if it catches on we can upgrade to cult status.

I will even give you three very excellent examples of why you should all join the Fan Club. Number one, Dawnie ran through the city in 90 degree heat carrying her suitcase just to have lunch with us. That's dedication. Number two, Dawnie did not make fun of me for losing my cell phone in my car no more than five minutes after I used the cell phone and not having set foot outside the car the entire time and then being unable to locate my cell phone for over an hour until I called it to check my messages and heard it ringing from my purse. Number three, we are going to conquer Rhode Island and that is just the beginning of our world domination plan so you may as well join up before we get to your state and force you to comply with our every whim.

(I promise that one of these days I'll go back to at least making an effort in the grammar arena rather than stringing together a bunch of run-on sentences interspersed with sentence fragments. But not today.)

On a totally unrelated topic, I'm drowning in gmail invites. If anybody wants one, leave me a comment with a valid email address or email me and also tell me how precious and clever my cats are just to butter me up a little bit. If you hate cats you can tell me a joke instead, but I have to warn you if the joke isn't funny it will be counted against you in my evaluation of your worthiness for one of my gmail invites. If nobody wants them I am going to give them to the cats and also one to my fish, Consuelo. Actually, I may do that anyway just to see what sort of email he gets. (I think gmail invites are going the way of AOL cds, but the gmail invites cannot be used as coasters and therefore are not as useful.)

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I have this weird tendency that when I read something, I breathe like I'm reading it out loud, so your last two posts, have almost made me pass out:-)

You should give your cats e-mail, then you can send messages like: "we will not release the humans until more tuna is sent," then see what people do.

heh. Fish totally need gmail!! Better hide your credit cards or he will be ordering really bitchin tank ornaments, like orange castles and bubbly treasure chests.

I have Gmail but still? Pixel is an awesome cat. If he ever wanted to come visit California, he could stay with us for a few days. But just a few because Tom is allergic which is why we don't have cats. Callie is cute too and could come too but I can relate to Pixel.

Don't you know that you are just the most funny, beautiful person? Well of course you do. Cause you are!

May I have a GMail invite? O=D

Your cats are very, very pretty. And I would say that even if you didn't have gmail invites. :-) I also know a joke about ducks and duck food, but it's not as funny as the nun joke in your last post.

your cats are gorgeous and beautimous and best of all, have clever names. I love my dog but really wish I could have a cat, too. Puh-leese send me a gmail invite because I am the only person in the bloggy world WITHOUT a gmail account.

and I'm very glad you're back!

Is it really pathetic that I don't ever really know what G-mail is and yet I still want to beg for an invite.
Ok fine, its cool if you don't give me the invite but at least tell me what all the excitement is about.

I have my own damn gmail already, but I think Consuelo should get an invite, because Consuelo is the best fish name ever.

I just gave all of mine away, like two weeks ago. I looked in my gmail account today and saw more. Are they desperate or what?

I say we all give them to our cats. Between my three cats, Zoot's Zoo, and your small petting zoo, we should get rid of those invites in no time.

I don't know what gmail is either...does it have something to do with Google? And if it does I am pissed they didn't invite me already considering I LIVE DOWN THE STREET!!! Rude company! *giggle*

Consuelo? Whee! That's a rad name. (I'm very tired, and therefore somewhat insane.) I'm so glad you're back to blogging and I can enjoy your run on sentences ;) Also, the irony in the paragraphed part, amused me greatly. See my grammar sucks too, but it's because I'm tired, I promise. *sigh* Glad you're back!

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