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Quick Question

Is it bad that I wore a brown jacket with black shoes today just so I wouldn't have to change to my brown purse?

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Heh. You don't know how many brown tops I have that go unworn because I don't feel like changing to my brown purse.

Oh SO confused! Does that all still matter? Sometimes I'm just happy that I'm dressed.

I have a black Coach bag and unless I'm going out for the evening (read gown or other fancy--requires the proper evening bag event) that's all I carry.

Definately not. I do it all the time.

lmao, just kidding, of course ;o)

I have no clue about that sort of thing. My husband dresses me because I am clueless when it comes to fashion rules. If it's clean and fits? Wear it!

Can totally relate. Just had an outfit ready for this weekend (going out in San Fran.) but the shoes were brown but I want to wear a black leater jacket. Ugh!

I don't own any brown leather; I am all about the black. But eventually I'd like to try. Just not in the budget at the moment. Oh, I so love leather...and I want to have a horse again so I can drool over saddles.

You... change.... purses?

Damn. I feel so... I don't even know what. I have my pink/purple/blue purse for spring/summer, and my black one for fall winter.

So, I say it's A-OK. But, apparently, I know not of what I speak.

Nope! I hardly ever change purses, so you're doing better than me in the fashion department! lol

you're ambitious. I hardly ever change my bag except with the season. Black Kate Spade or Coach in the winter, khaki canvas Coach in the summer. Although I was given a pink and black Kate Spade for my birthday, and I love to carry that. It matches nothing but I don't care!

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