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Ever have one of those days where it feels like everything in the world is about you? I'll give you a for instance. Say your best friend told you that she was a vampire. Because she is your best friend and you love her, you would try your best to understand and to stick by her. But then say you went to the bookstore and every other book seemed to be about vampires. You may wonder, is this more common than I think? Does everyone, sooner or later, have a best friend who turns out to be a vampire? Is there no hope? Do no best friendships survive without vampirism? Then you think, maybe it's all a joke. Maybe you are the only person in the world with a vampire best friend, but everyone else thinks the possibility is really funny. Maybe if you tell anyone that your best friend is a vampire they will laugh at you and mock you and tell their friends about you at cocktail parties.

I had one of those days today - where everything seemed to be pointing at me and threatening to expose my secrets. Am I just too self-absorbed? Does this happen to you?

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Yes it does happen to me sometimes. And I am TOTALLY self-absorbed

Good god, the better questions is if I've ever had a day in which it ISN'T all about me.

This happens to me multiple times a week. Like, over the weekend I was told that I would have to take a trip out to this town called Gilbertsville - a town which I have never heard of in all the 20some years that I have lived here. No one I asked had ever heard of it either. But suddenly, as I waslistening to the radio there was a "caller from Gilbertsville, PA" and then there was a story on the news about a family in Gilbertsville... and suddenly, almost within minutes of me finding out about this town, it became the most popular place in the United States. Bigger than NYC. Then, when my curiosity subsided, the town vanished off the map again.
Totally self absorbed.

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