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To My So-Called Manager

Dear Boss,

You know how you like to call me or IM me or email me to ask me to look things up for you? Things where you have just as much access to the information as I do? Where you could get the information yourself in 10 seconds, rather than taking the time to call or IM or email me, explain what you want, and then wait for me to look it up and send it back to you? Could I make a helpful suggestion on how we may be able to streamline and simplify this process to our mutual benefit?

Look it the fuck up yourself.


Comments (16)

Indeed, Beth. Indeed.

Also, I love you now. Not that I didn't before, but, you know.

Can I cc my boss in on this?

You know, sometimes I yell at the kids from across the house to let the dogs in when I'm right here less than 50 steps from the door. I bet they have written similar letters.

ooh, that is one of the most annoying things a boss can do. I once had a boss call me and ask me to call information for him. Hello? You had to pick up the phone to call me! Why not just go straight to 411 and leave me out of it!

Beautiful letter. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Oh can we send those? Oh, my head is reeling!

Dear Boss:
Enter the time you need to leave on your outlook calendar and invoke the ALARM on said calendar and TELL YOUR SELF WHEN TO LEAVE! Instead of me doing it and yelling at YOU to leave! : )

I like that! Especially since "I" don't get to leave!

YOU TELL 'EM! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! ::chants:: Fight the man! Fight the man! lol

i think that's part of the job description of being a boss: never again have to get informaton for yourself.

well said.

preach it, sister!!
my own particular boss will mark on our electronic calendar that he wants 'no appts' but not on the paper calendar, which is what I use to make appointments. But it really doesn't phase me, and I just complain to his wife.

cc my boss too please! =]

But you're not bitter or anything, right? ;-)

ahhh exactly why I did not return back to work after my mat leave.
It was SO similar to my office job except here? I can wear jammy pants all day.
And I almost never want to puncture my kids tires.

Oh I wish I could send something like that. What really kills me is when he wants something printed off, he will write me an email, attach the document, and ask me to print it. He has a printer. JUST PUSH THE LITTLE PRINTER PICTURE ON THE TOP OF THE PAGE YOU MORON!!! You don't even have to bother with the whole File button and scan down and find the print thingy. You just push the picture. Too easy.

Bosses suck. I especially love when I have a line of customers, and no end in sight, but I'm supposed to somehow stock ALL THE CANDY ON ALL THE REGISTERS before I leave. BUT DON'T GO OVERTIME!

Granted, it's not office work.. but it's nice to know bosses are unreasonable no matter what environment. *g* :)

Hah! I thought only my ex-employer was that lazy.

We have the same boss! Would you do me a favour and sign my name on it too? Thanks ;)

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