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To Tell the Truth

And now the moment that one or two of you have been waiting for - the truth behind the lies!

I have never set foot in a strip club.

If I could have any job in the world, I would be an astronaut.

The smell of peonies makes me physically ill. My favorite scent is Ten O Six astringent because it reminds me of a camp I attended as a kid.

I hate country music. I like just about everything else.

I did attend a June 1992 Grateful Dead show at RFK, but due to the previously mentioned illegal activities I have only a vague recollection at best. I do have happy and wonderful music memories, but my strongest memories tied to music are all very difficult or negative times in my life. I think in times of trouble music has the power to soothe and to comfort and even occasionally to help you look ahead to more positive times.

My cat Callie weighs 6 pounds. My cat Pixel weighs 18 pounds. Callie wipes the floor with Pixel every single time.

When I started this site, I intended to change the quote every week. So far I have only had three quotes.

I was born in California, but moved to the DC area when I was six months old. Other than college, I have never lived anywhere else.

I don't like hot weather and I can't stand the South - people there just aren't uptight enough for me.

The fish story was totally made up, but the real story is one of those "had to be there" kind of things so I'm not going to tell it right now. I'll figure out how to make it amusing sooner or later and post the full scoop.

No more than 2 kids - no way no how.

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Good to know!

I was hoping the herd of children was a stretch. 5 or 6? Good God!

While I am saddened to find out that you don't like country music (I promise not to play it too loudly when you're home if you'll still run off and marry me, though), I am *relieved* that you only want 2 kids. 4? 5? 6? I was about to make some phone calls and have both of you committed.

Yes, 2 is plenty. Four is excessive but I love every single one of mine...

I just realized that I've never commented on your site, even though I read and comment at Chris'. So unfair. You may now slap me.

I used to have a cat named Cali.

I think it's important to not be out numbered by your offsping.
Also, I LOVE the smell of 10 OH 6 TOO!
I forgot all about that.
Oh and noxzema!

I too have a cat named Pixel, and she weighs 19 pounds, because all she does all day is sleep. She's 7 years old, and probably too old to change her ways. But she's a sweetie, and has the loudest purr in the world. You can probably hear her right now. :)

You my dear are a VERY effective liar! *grin* You totally had me on the Fish story! Thought it was the real one! Laughing at myself for being gullible, a past time of mine! : )

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