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Truth and Lies

Here you are folks, the sometimes true and sometimes totally made up answers to your burning questions. I think it worked out to be about evenly divided between truth and lies. I'll revisit this one more time tomorrow and give the honest answers to the ones I made up, unless I decide I like the lie better than the truth in which case I will incorporate the lie into my personal mythology and never admit that it was every any other way.

From Busy Mom:
What is the most outrageous thing you've ever done?
I'm not generally very outrageous, so this is a hard one. I did work at a strip club for 2 years while I was in college. Don't get too excited, I was just a waitress but the money was still really good. The hubby (the boyfriend at the time) finally made me give it up because he didn't think it was safe for me.

From Casey:
If you could have any job in the world what would it be? And how much would you like to make doing it?
Any job in the world? Tycoon. Any remotely possible job in the world? Doctor. If I were a doctor I would like to do it for free for Doctors Without Borders.

From Buzz:
I find it hard to believe that there is sentient life anywhere in the universe but I seem to be in the minority. Can you clear this up for me?

Did you go to your senior or junior proms? Why not or what did you wear?
I went to both my junior and senior proms. For junior prom I wore a pale pink, strapless Jessica McClintock dress with sequins on the bodice. I had a very unfortunate hairdo involving a braid which started directly above my right ear, went horizontally around the back of my head, and ended with a sort of hair fountain directly above my left ear. For senior prom I wore a dark purple off the shoulder Jessica McClintock dress which had either a bow or a flowers on the front that I cut off. I wore fake pearl jewelry and another unfortunate hairdo which incorporated combs with fake pearls.

I was also invited to senior prom as a freshman by a very nice guy named Paul who, possibly because he was rather short and not exactly handsome, had a hard time getting a date to prom. I rode to school with Paul every morning with another senior (who drove us) and my best friend. Paul asked a couple of girls to prom and they all turned him down. When he finally called me I said no because I knew my best friend really wanted to go and I was hoping he would call her. Paul went to the beach with his family instead and did not go to his senior prom. I am sorry to this day that I turned him down, he was a good person who deserved better.

From Muliejoe:
What is your favorite scent?

Favorite type of music?

From Babyoda:
What is the secret to your [seemingly] great marriage?
Separate bathrooms.

From Corporate Mommy:
What is your best "music" memory - concert? song?
June 1992 Grateful Dead concert at RFK stadium. I'm not going to go into details, because many of the activities of that day were highly illegal.

From Dawnie:
Who was responsible for the drive-by hairball horking of a few months ago while I slept?
Dippy. She was angry about the bath.

If you could be any sort of cheese, what kind would you be and why?
Spray cheese, because my husband is afraid of it and I could chase him around the house and make him cry.

In a smackdown between Callie and Pixel, who would win?
Pixel weighs 18 pounds, Callie weighs 6. I'm going to have to go with Pixel just on the basis of being three times her size.

Do you change your fishy quotes on a regular basis, or just when you feel like it?
I change the quote every week, but nobody ever seems to notice.

How can I get my cats to stop drinking out of my water glass? It's mine, dammit!
Set out an extra water glass just for the cats and cover yours with something heavy. Glass coasters work well, as do hardcover books.

What's this I hear about your hot lunch date on Friday?
My lunch date on Friday may well be the hottest of all lunch dates in the history of time. I'm expecting extensive local and national news coverage, but am going to have to have the restaurant keep the press outside so they don't get footage of us finalizing our plans for achieving world domination. I am also going to gas up my car before I go, because I think there is at least an 85% chance that we will have to run off to Massachusetts to get married. If that happens, I'm hoping to honeymoon in Fiji.

From Bob:
Do you subscribe to the single-bullet theory?
I subscribe to Time, National Geographic, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and Vegetarian Times.

From Zoot:
Are you ONLY a cat person? Or do you like Dogs too?
I'm highly allergic to dogs so try to avoid them as much as possible. I do like big dogs though. There are few things I hate more in life than teeny little dogs.

Have you always lived in DC?
I've technically lived in 18 states, although most of them very briefly. When I was born my father was finishing his PhD dissertation and was doing field work which required him to move roughly every 2 months. We settled in the DC area once he finished (I was four) and other than college I've lived here ever since.

If you could live ONE PLACE in the US, where would it be?
I actually like where I live now, is that too boring? If I had to pick somewhere else it would probably be either Florida or Texas since I love hot weather and love the South.

From Krush:
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Paris! I love Paris! Wanna go with me?

Why "what the fish said" for a blog name?
When I was in college, we had this friend named Mark who everyone called The Fish. (Don't ask me why he was called The Fish, I have no idea.) Mark was a really funny guy, total cut-up and clown, you know the type. He always had a clever come back not matter what you said to him. It got to the point where we would spend entire evenings regaling each other with stories of what Mark had said to so and so about such and such. As we told these stories, it would go something like "Professor Jones said `blah blah blah,' so The Fish said `snappy retort here'." I guess I was hoping that by using "so the fish said" it would help me to channel Mark and be witty and snarky like he is.

From Jenny:
Do you plan on having kiddos?
Yes, but we are having a hard time agreeing on how many we want. I have always wanted a big family, but I think 4 is plenty. The hubby has always wanted 5 or 6.

From Debbie:
Describe the coolest Halloween costume you ever wore.
My favorite and therefore coolest Halloween costume ever was Darth Vader. I had a Darth Vader mask and my mother cut a hole in the middle of a black sheet and sewed the sides together to make the rest of my costume. I was the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

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I know mine is a fib because obviously what you really want to do is be Mrs Clive Owen.....sorry but I had to out you

I love this!
My question is JUST how freakishly flexible are you??? And is that why you take yoga? *grin*

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