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I got about 20 minutes of sleep last night, but I look like it was less. My eyelids are so puffy I can barely open my eyes, I have a big honking zit on my chin, I'm having a very bad hair day and half the hem is falling out of my skirt. I have a thing on my neck that totally looks like a hickey, which it is not. I only vaguely recall why I'm here and what I'm supposed to be doing and I am very far from coherent.

I have an interview at 10:00.

Quick, somebody! Give me impressive things to say! Also, would someone please read my resume and make up stories to back my "experiences"? I knew that when I wrote it, just can't remember any at the moment.

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Sorry about the sleep, but at least you didn't leave your glasses in your car, the car you lent to your roommate since her's is in the shop. So now I'm forced to wear my sunglasses all day, the day when all the big federal muckity-mucks are comeing to check us all out.

Okay, here's what you say if things go badly (which they won't - but just in case):

Interviewer: Well, thanks for your time, we'll get back to you.

You: Thanks for YOUR time - I really have to be running along, I have to give a speech in Madison Square Garden this evening for a few friends.

That ought to get things stirred up a bit...

Well, I'm too late to give you interview advice, but I hope it went well! I HATE those things.

P.S. If it isn't a hickey, what is it?

Once, when I was still in school and at home with my parents, I burned my neck with my curling iron and my dad did NOT believe me. He thought I was stupid enough to get a hickey and then wear my hear UP so as to make sure my parents could see it better. Hmm.

How'd it go??

Too bad some of us were sleeping in instead of waking up and helping you!!

darn it I got here too late too.....well I hope the interview went well...I'm sure you knocked their socks off ...even with only 20 mins of sleep!

Too late for advice on what to say...but hoping things went well.

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