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You know what?

Microsoft Help is no help whatsoever.

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I agree!!! Standing on my head waving at you for a high five! My profile on my pc crashed last night! I could NOT find any help from microsoft help! Sigh But I am now back up and running on a NEW profile! Whew


I spent the better part o'the day trying to get some sort of explanion as to what MS error 0x80003.1416927 was so that my company's estimators could continue to ride out Windows 98 -- in spite of the fact that it's no longer supported, even by third-world IT managers and Amishmen.

Fortunately, they brew a concoction called Guinness Irish Stout, which I spent the better part of the night drinking.

Or Guinness.dll, if you prefer.

Here here!!!! It should be renamed to microsoft no real help....just a bunch of stuff you can already figure out.

I think that's probably true of most computer help people. I know I've wanted to kill Dell's customer service folks in the past.

And as for that bloody paperclip that pops up and asks if you want help - I just want to bend him into a straight line so his eyes fall off.

I HATE that paperclip! Right on Fi! He can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Stupid paperclip.


... but I do love the cute little sound the paperclip makes ;)

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