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Almost forgot (and parentheticals)!

People, how can you let me forget to tell you these things? We got tickets for some shows for when we go to NYC next month last weekend. (That does make sense, just takes a minute.) We are going to see Stomp (and you can shut up because I think it's fun and also it does not cost $300 per ticket) and Wicked and Avenue Q.

Also, the train tickets came today, proving once and for all that one month from today I will be in NYC and having dinner at Becco and eating until I pop. Oh yes, also, one month from today I will have been married for 5 years. (Do you think he's going to give me jewelry? Jewelry is good for the fifth anniversary, right?) (Would somebody please remind me to make the reservation at Becco? Thanks!)

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Oh my goodness! Sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome time. I saw Wicked when I was up there in March, and it was just amazing. Hope you enjoy it.

And I can't make fun of you for getting tickets to Stomp...considering I'm going to see it tonight here in Ft. Worth.

hey Beth know you really should make reservations at Becco...I hear its should do that.....and Jewelry is ALWAYS a good idea...ESPECALLY if you have been together forever (or 5 five years)...

(nudge nudge...wink wink...Chris)

Dont forget Becco! (which I have no idea what that is, by the way...)

Color me jealous! That sounds like a fabulous trip. (Oh, and make those reservations...and if Chris is reading--you can never go wrong with jewelry)

Well, the fifth anniversary is wood or silverware, so if you want you can pretend it's the fourth and get something shaped like fruit or flowers, or pretend it's your third and get crystal.

Or, you know, REALLY get real jewelry.

(Did I mention the jealousy, how it seethes?)

Sounds like a lot of fun! I think the gift guide for the 5th anniversary is wood or silverware ... silver jewelry maybe? = )

Too much fun.

It's out 5th anniversary, too. No jewelry. No Stomp (but wait, I LOVE stomp!). Maybe dinner out...


A really nice pergola in the backyard.

So. There.


Boy I hope Chris read this today...maybe you should mention jewelry every day for the next month, he is bound to catch on...unless he is anything like my husband. In which case you will have to turn off the t.v and make him look at you and write in big bold red letters on a yellow background, "I want jewelry for our anniversary, which is next month."

Beth, make the reservation at Becco!!! Happy Early Anniversary you guys and congratulations!! Our #5 will be next year.

Hahahahah, if hes a real "man" He'll forget it entirely. I mean real in the sense of being forgetfull, 'cause ya just know we men forget all kinds of shit all the time. Just two months ago my girl friend of 2 yrs asks me "know what today is" Being the literal pragmatic sort of dolt that I am I said wednesday. I get a slug in the arm, she says " no..... (pause for dramatic effect)its the anniversary of when we met at Jr's party". God like I am supposed to remember THAT...... Besides as I remember I was stupidly drunk and playing euchre or was it asshole. huh oh well...... See what I mean!! Chris Im here for support dude. If you do forget then C_H_O_C_O_L_A_T_E her, she 'll forget it ever happened :-P

I love STOMP! Anything where people are making noise with garbage cans and sticks is a good thing - don't let anyone tell you differently. Have a great time!

Wicked's supposed to suck, but Ave. Q!?!? Sublime!

Wicked!? Oh I am now offically jealous! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book! You brats! You will have to report in detail about it when you get back after you have been married for five years! Giggle I wish it would come out near me again...they didn't advertise well and I missed it darn!

I am so jealous that you're going to Stomp! You msut write about it when you get back from your trip!

wicked AND avenue q? i am so jealous.

STOMP is awesome! You'll LOVE it. We certainly did and for days we made music with everything.. ennoying everyone :)

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