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Baby, won't you please come home

But sung to the tune of "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah." Try it, it works.

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Yes, it DOES work... thank you! Now try this one...

"I will always love you" (including the extended syllable) to the tune of "Seventy Six Trombones", not quite as good a fit but very entertaining.

I don't get you. You always swap your lyrics and melodies. You song swapper you!!!

It works if you say "ho-ome," which is kind of fun actually (although I'm a little embarrassed that I just sang it out loud. Look at what you're doing to me here...

Is this what you were singing the day of the 18 hour meeting?

Did you know that "Amazing Grace" can be sung to the tune of the "Theme from Gilligan's Island"? It's almost disturbing.

Listening to "Rock the House" by Moby right now and cannot possibly make any of these lyric/tune swaps happen in my brain. LOL.

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