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Biting my tongue

Does it make me really immature that I just spent an entire conference call biting my tongue to resist the urge to shout out "I'm not wearing pants"?

Oh by the way, I'm working from home today.

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You are a strong person. I think that would be tough for anyone.

You should've.
I am sure it would have changed the course of the conversation (and possibly your career).

Uh...what are you wearing now?

Not at all. In fact, I think it proves that you are a mature individual that you were able to not blurt that out.

It would've been damn funny, though.

At least you weren't stuck in a call on which you were an active participant but had to pee. Not that that happened to me this morning or anything....

Other things that should not be said on conference calls!

Them: What was that thump noise?
Me: Oh sorry, I knocked the vaseline off my desk.

You're so silly. Did you have a shirt on? I hate that drafty feeling, so I'm guessing you probably did.

Into the grey area: "I'm not wearing any pants!"

Crossing the line: "I'm not wearing any panties!"

Subtle differnces can really change the mood from weird to creepy.

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