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Callie was feeling left out

So here she is.

Callie cat.jpg

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awww, sweetie...


God, what has two thumbs and loves kitty pictures? This guy.

God bless you and your cats! I'm watching my 2 year old neice and she is refusing to sleep. We're more than two hours past her regular bedtime and the pictures of your cats have brought out the first smile since I made the mistake of saying, "ready to go nite-nite?" Stupid, stupid aunt. I should have known better. Never let them knoww what you're planning, it's all about the element of surprise.)

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for posting the cute pictures of your cats. You are a good, kind person and someday people will write songs about you.

Is that the one that can't make it to the litter box?

purty kitty.

Want one too.

The end.

Poor Callie looks so sad and neglected!
Of course, it could be a ploy for kittie snacks!

Oh LOAVE her! What a face! Did she pounce at you afterwards?

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