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I have an interview this morning and I am wearing an extra-cute but very professional top that I bought yesterday just for the occasion. The only problem is that my interview is over the phone. So here's my dilemma: should I mention my extra-cute but very professional top to the interviewer, or just let me natural talents and self-confidence carry me through so at the end she thinks "I'll bet she's wearing an extra-cute but very professional top. And also lip gloss."

Quite a quandary, really.

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I think you should email your resume again and attach a pic of you in the cute top...on second thought, maybe that isn't such a hot idea...

During your phone interview, you should arrange to have someone come into the room and exclaim loudly enough for the potential employer to hear,"Oh my,what a very cute and extremely professional shirt you are wearing! What an asset you are!"

I think that the person interviewing you will just KNOW that you have a cute top and lip gloss on. The vibes of the the cute top and lip gloss will just transfer through the phone. Good luck!

Do you have a webcam at work?

Oh, they'll be able to tell- that much cute doesn't go unnoticed for long, even over phone lines. Good luck with the interview!

In college, a friend of mine had "exam day underwear". It was red and lacy and totally tacky. But she said everytime she got frustrated or pissed off about her exams, she'd just remember how hideous her underwear was and it made her laugh. Maybe your top can work the same way, except that it's not ugly and it's meant to make you feel confident, and not giggle. Because I have totally done the whole giggling hysterically thing while on an important phone's hard to cover up!

NOTE: The above story really was about a friend of mine, named Molly. It was not an attempt to cover up that I had exam day underwear. Because all of my underwear is totally cute and none of it tacky.

Just let the extra-cute top boost you up. The interviewer will totally hear the extra-cute yet very professional top-ness in your voice, and will immediately want to bring you in for a real interview so they can see your stunning fashion sense in person.

Bonus? You can wear the same top! Since they've never seen it!

haha ....I just got a picture in my head of you wrapping up the phone interview and finally asking them all exasperated "so are you going to ask me what I'm wearing or what???".heh

Oh, this is a quandary. I mean, what's the cute top for if not to be seen and to bring you much admiration and a job?

But, on the other hand, she might think you're crazy if you tell her what you're wearing. Or she might think you're trying to seduce her or something.

So, I'd just wear it when you get the job!

Although you've probably already done the interview by now, I definitely think you should have e-mailed them a picture of you in said shirt so they could see how professional you looked...hee hee hee. You're too funny :)

I think wear the shirt, think happy good thoughts, then save it for the next interview which'd probably be in person. Or your first day on the job, because who could resist that Bethy goodness?

I just *knew* you bought that cute top I saw at the mall over the weekend! I thought to myself... That just SCREAMS Beth... She'll look so beautiful in that!!! =-D

Hi! I just found yours and your husbands blogs and I just wanted to let you know how fun I think ya'lls stuff is! I'll be a regular reader!

I sure your new top confidence shined through.

Hope your interview went well, I got to this too late to boost your confidence about your cute new top...but your lip gloss got me wondering, how is the Make-up thing going? Are you still wearing it? Breaking out with it? Wandering minds need to know!

Ok, this might sound weird, but sometimes weird is good I say - stand in front of a mirror when you're on the phone. You'll see yourself lookin' extra cute and professional, and it'll show in your voice.

And when you get the job you can wear it on the first day :)

Mention it in the follow up phone call/email too...hehe.

I wasn't going to write about this -- but I will now -- since you probably won't read this until AFTER your interview....

I had a phone interview once -- and I thought, 'ah, piece of cake -- it's on the phone, I don't need to worry 'bout nothin'' --- oh was I wrong... I began the interview, then, about 5 minutes into it, I had a MAJOR panic attack -- I have NO idea why -- I just did -- out of the blue -- my mouth was dry, my voice was cracking, I couldn't breath -- it was HORRIBLE!... So I made some excuse that I'd have to call back.... I took a walk around the block -- called back - and got the job! .... I'm still there -- and still having panic attacks everyday! :-) (not really - but it makes the story, right? ;-) )

So my question is: Did they ask you what color your lip gloss was???


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