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Go figure

Did you know that today is National Preparedness Day in the U.S.? Did you know that National Preparedness Day is part of National Preparedness Month? Me neither. Do you want to know how I found out? I heard it on BBC World Update this morning.

I'm not entirely sure what emergency I'm supposed to be getting prepared for, but I think maybe I am supposed to be stockpiling food and packing the car so I can beat a hasty retreat to Canada in case Dubya gets re-elected.

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Any room in that car for me?

That is definitely what the prep is for...I think it is great to dedicate a whole month to the awareness. If the Bushwacker is reelected, there may be a huge boom in the Canadian economy. We should get in on that!

That's funny -- you heard it on the BBC --- I get most of my ACCURATE U.S. news from The Economist -- a UK publication... funny how that works...

I'm ready to pack up the day after the election. Sooner is better than later. Once the US becomes a police state, it might be harder to leave. I'm keeping that in mind.

Holy crap!, am I glad I read your blog this morning - or I'd be up the creek right now, eh? Horror! Terror! To think how I might be unprepared for...

...what the hell was that again?


Can I be prepared for a nap? Will that count?

And don't forget the duck tape either.

I personally am voting for Charles Manson. He's a raving lunatic and a murderer all rolled into one. At least with him you know what your getting.

road trip!!!! I'll bring the chips

Would that make October the "National Roadworks/Car Maintenance Month" to be sure we're all traveling safely?

Ooh, come visit me! :D We Canucks'd never vote for Dubya.

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