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Just a few of the things I did this weekend

I met a good friend's new(ish) girlfriend for the first time. I don't think she hated me. This is huge! I am not good at that whole first impression thing and basically, to meet me is to hate me. My friend never introduced me to his last girlfriend because the girlfriend before that hated me so much he was afraid, very afraid.

I got into an argument with my husband in the grocery store parking lot. We were arguing about Latin. Well actually, we were arguing about whether "nontuplets" is the correct word for nine babies born in a single birth, but it turned in to fighting about Latin. That is the correct word, I won, and I clearly know lots more Latin than my husband so pppbbbbbttttt.

I bought pretty new running shoes to replace my old ugly dirty falling apart running shoes. I do not, as a rule, run, but I bought the fancy just for running shoes so I can pretend that the elliptical trainer is like running. I wore my old nasty shoes to the gym this morning though, because I don't want to get my pretty new shoes all dirty. I think I will wear them only in my house and then only on thick carpets so I don't wear the treads down on the hard floors.

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I get the first comment! Yeah!

Um, I don't think anyone ever has to worry about using the word nontuplets in a sentence. Ever.

I would have to say that all of my guy friends NEVER invite me to meet their girlfriends. I always hate them. Always. :) However, you have to be wonderful...:) I love your site by the way!!

As a pregnant woman, I am soooo not happy about hearing the word nontuplets. Great pic of you and the hubby on his site, by the way!

Etu wifeous? Kissus my gluteus maximus.

Wait-- the elliptical isn't really running? I have been operating under false information for so long now...

Any particular reason this argument happened in a grocery store parking lot?

meeting your friend's girlfriends can be so hard - you almost want to say, 'I was here before you, and if you don't watch out, I'll be here after nice to me OR ELSE!' Just a little friendly threatning always helps, I find. ;)

Since I don't much get along well with women, my men friends keep me far away from thier girlfriends, unless it's marriage like serious, then I will get introduced at the wedding and said guy friend will slowly dissapear out of my life.

So the Jaded one said...

the girlfriends probably realize how fabulious you are from the start .... and become insanely least that's what I would think...caddy bunch those womenfolk...heh

You two must have the best marriage ever if your arguments are about "nontuplets." I love that. So much.

Wow...first a fight in the parking lot and then Mr. Fish "Etu wifeous? Kissus my gluteus maximus" on your own blog! Tis tis, Mr. Fish, she is just a smart Latin woman. You ARE Latin aren't you? *grin*

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