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Last night

You guys are going to be so jealous when I tell you what I did last night.

We have a cat who has decided that he doesn't care to pee in his litter box and would rather pee on the rug 6 feet away from his litter box. Our vet asked us to, well, bring in a sample for testing so she can make sure there isn't a health issue. So last night found me down in the basement sucking up cat pee with a syringe. I was concerned that I didn't get enough, so I decided to check again this morning and try to get some more. However, since I am very absent-minded I figured I should leave myself a note so I wouldn't forget. Had you stopped by my house this morning, you would have found the following helpful note on the island in the kitchen.

Remember the pee!
And the Alamo!

My husband added the Alamo bit this morning, but the really sad thing is that I nearly added the same thing myself last night. As I always say, we're nuts, but at least we are nuts together.

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There is a note above my computer that says : Even if the voices aren't real they have some pretty good ideas.

I keep a running list of the most stupid and bizarre things my husband says, I do need to post that someday.

That's about as nutty as whenever someone says something is silly I always reply: Trix is for kids!

collecting cat pee?
You love your pets WAY more than I love mine.

p.s. DO you rememeber the Alamo?

you two crack me up :) such a great duo ya'll are!

*giggle* you make me smile!

I hope your kitty is ok.

Do you guys always start out your day with a historical reference?

My husband and I are like that.

We're pretty sure that someday we won't need to speak to each other at all. We'll just look at each other and laugh out loud at our mutual jokes. This will scare people, and they will run away, and then we'll laugh at them for running away.

You should send that one in to Thanks for the laugh. My hubby and I are the same way.

There's no basement in the Alamo!

(Isn't it sad that my first thought of this part of history was based on a Pee-wee Herman movie?)

I don't think you can test kitty tinkel for crazy. I'm guessing the crazy is running rampid around your house.

HA! you two are great *g*

I am so jealous.
Here is why.
Sucking cat pee up in a syringe is so much more appealing to me than following a puppy around the back yard looking for stool samples for a parvo test. Yes. Not so much fun. See, I have more than one dog, hence the following the puppy around because I didn't know who's poop was who's. Feel lucky right now.

I don't remember the Alamo. I wasn't there.

Maybe your cat doesn't want to be "defined by a box."

This is the response my husband gave me when I told him his cat was "peeing outside the box."

We are weird as well.

Been there, done that, blogged about it. Well, not the syringe part, but the inappropriate urination. There is nothing wrong with mine -- he's just insane. Hope there's nothing (physically) wrong with yours!

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