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LOVE! and superpowers

First of all, I love all of you people with the bad jokes! Let's be honest with ourselves and admit that all of the jokes you left me on my last post were very, very bad. However, there are few things in life that I enjoy more than a really good really bad joke. Thanks!

Second, I still hate my stupid insurance company and my incompetent doctor's office, but I love Lisa at the incompetent doctor's office who spent hours on the phone yesterday to get the whole mess fixed for me and she did it! She got it fixed! Yay!

Also, Boo! Because now I have to go to the big scary hospital to be injected with radioactive somethingorother which is then going to make me feel like crap for the rest of the day. However, I'm thinking that the radioactive whosiewhatsits may also give me superpowers. I'm looking forward to that part of it and have been trying to think up a good superhero name. Sadly, all the good ones are already taken. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Attitude Girl
Intolerant Woman
Great Ass Without Exercise Chick (I admit this one is a little far-fetched)

I'm still open to suggestions. In fact, I promise that anyone who comes up with a really good superhero name will be the first person to benefit from my new-found superpowers. Well, after I get done flying around and using my ex-ray vision to check out Clive's butt.

So anyway, if anyone is looking for me I'll be the one that glows in the dark.

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ooo..i've had to do that. are they gonna make you drink a ton of that yucky stuff?


Um, Beth? Attitude Girl is mine. And now you've totally blown my cover. Now I have even MORE attitude!

Ultra Broad.... No wait that just makes you sound fat.

The Green Fish.... nah people would just think of rotten fish.

Remarkably clear skin and small pores girl... Nope, too long

The radioactive blackhead... Hmmm I like it!

I'm sorry, bad jokes? I have no idea what you're talking about.

As for superhero names, this is a good source. And by source, I mean time-killer: According to them, you're The Solid Umbrella Breaker

Those superhero names? Are you sure that people aren't calling you those already? (said in the nicest possibly way) :)

Hmmm - superbitch. I think that is what my hubby is calling me lately and I have to agree. Although . . . I am willing to share that moniker with you since it is exhausting being superbitch ALL the time.

How about "Extra-Cute but Very Professional Top-Wearing Girl"? LOL I like the ring to that :)

Magnifique Poissons Femme!

I like the internation flavor --- why limit yourself when you have super powers???

You could be Radioactive Girl!

What about the RADIOACTIVE DIVA!

according to this website "Beth of so the Fish Said" becomes The Incredible Arrow.

I like Wonder Woman of All That is Good and Wholesome :)

Or...SuperCunt. :) it would make people flinch and I like the ring to it.

*disclaimer: The person who wrote this in no way shape and or form thinks that you are the derogatory form of a cunt. I just like saying that word :)

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