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Menace to Society?

Is it bad that I stood in the aisle of the grocery store and sprayed my skirt with static guard? I mean, the skirt was really driving me batty and I could not take it a second longer. Also, is it bad that I put the can of static guard back on the shelf?

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That is totally acceptable. Unless, on the same visit, you ate grapes our of the produce section and took a handful of Brach's on your way by the display. Then you've gone too far, missy.

You know, in the winter my hands get rough and dry. Occasionally I will take a squirt or a pump of lotion because my skin is in PAIN.
And I ain't talkin' about takin' it from the sample, either. :)

Ok. Comming from somebody who works at a grocery store, my answers are these....

No. You weren't bad to spray the skirt in the isle. That is ok.

Yes. You are bad for putting it back on the shelf. Shame on you! Double shame.
I won't stand on my soap box here, but, imagine a guest coming into your house and using your stuff without asking.

Consider it a fee. Consider it payback for all the junk mail you have to deal with trying to peddle you 75 cents off a can of static guard. Consider it payback for all the commercials you've had to sit through featuring an unruly skirt that only static guard can fix- while you await your standard programming. Go deeper, and remember that the store you went to has no doubt assailed you with piles of advertising in various forms. You know what? With the time and effort you used to sort through that crap, process it, throw it in the garbage, or change the channel, you could have found the cure for cancer, so take what you can get!

as long as you put the can back on the shelf behind the rest of them... =)

back in high school i worked at a grocery store and we'd do whip-its with the cans of redi-whip and put the cans back on the shelf.

I don't know, is it wrong that when I test the smell of room deodorizers, I then put back the one I used and grab a new one , since the first one is now "used"?

you mean everyone doesn't do that????....hummmm....must rethink my shopping habits

I love that! Since I own about six cans of Static Guard but never have one when and where I need it, I say that's fair.

It might be bad. But bad can be good, you know.

Nope. Because static is the spawn of Satan. MmHmm.

Let's look at it from the perspective of the person buying the used can of static spray. If that were me, I would be happy to share my spray because I hate suffering static cling. So, no problem. Wanna know what else temporarily helps that problem? Hand lotion. And I always have some of that in my purse.

haha. i'm torn - by what a brilliant idea that is, and the fact that i work at a grocery store. now, if i saw it, i wouldn't say anything. but if security saw it, they might say something .. haha :)

Reading these comments is such fun! My first thought was to compare it to the Brachs candy or grapes as well. I actually paid for three pieces of Brachs last week at the grocery store. But I agree that the static guard thing is fine. Were you in the grocery store specifically for the purpose of using static guard? If not, it makes it even more OK.


No. In fact, you are now my hero. And I also want to make out with you.

Very exceptable. I for one see nothting wrong with taste testing the grapes to see if they are too sour. Or spritzing the air freshener to see if you like the scent. Perfectly okay by me. I'm sure you and I aren't the only ones doing it. As a matter of fact, they should put out "testers" like they for perfume. Makes sense to me. Plus? they give out free samples of little smokey's and mini pizza all the time. What's a grape or two or a little spray of something here and there?

I hope it wasn't you that's been taking a swig from the gallon milk jugs and putting them back on the shelf, because I've been finding cookies crumbs in the milk lately.

While I have never borrowed static guard at the grocery store, I can be a produce picker. The grocery store gods will forgive you. ;)

Hahahahahaha - you rebel. That's hilarious. Did anybody see you? I'd love to see the looks on their faces if they did. I'll have to remember that one the next time I have static cling. (Which is really, terribly unpleasant!)

oh the horror! but the question is, did it work? because i actually paid for my can *cough*cough* and it don't do diddly squat.

I'd call it stealing.

Hee! I do the same thing Oliquig does, only with deodorant. If it makes anybody feel better, I'm not actually USING it, y'know? I'm just SMELLING it.

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