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You should all tell my Mom Happy Birthday! Because today is her birthday!

No, my Mom doesn't read my site and god willing she never, ever will. But she still totally rocks and so I think the internet should tell her Happy Birthday.

Also, I just got an IM from a co-worker that said "you always did remind me of a ninja." I'm not entirely sure how to take that. The clarification was "cool, calm, quiet, way smaller than me but I still kind of fear you kind of vibe." Apparently people fear me. That's awesome!

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Can you show me how to throw those stars?

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom.

I want people to fear me. Maybe my students? *evil grin*

Happy Birthday Mommy Fish!

Happy Birthday to NinjaBeth's Mom!!

Instilling fear is cool. = )

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom!

Yay Birthdays!

Happy birthday fish mommy!

Hmm, ninja fish!

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom!

Aren't you proud to have a daughter who is a pantsless ninja fish?

Happy Birthday Beth's Momma!

(so if you are the ninja does that make me the grasshopper?)

Congrats on being fearsome and ninja-like.

Happy birthday Beth's Mom.

Happy birthday, to the mother of the Fish Ninja, and the mother-in-law of the Cactus!

now let's all sing, 'everybody was kung-fu fighting...'

Happy birthday to your mom! Kinda cool cause today so happens to me MY birthday too!

GAH! That would be BE not ME my birthday. Damn. it. all.

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