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Momma and the Man

I just got off the phone with my Mom. She's having a very happy b-day and loved the flowers we sent her at work. Somehow, we wound up talking about my husband. Now, Mom didn't think too much of him when we first started dating. Well actually, Mom didn't think too much of him for the first few (several) years that we were dating. She has come to think highly of him of course and agrees that I made the best possible choice, but at first I just don't think he was what she had pictured for me.

On March 1st, Mom had a hysterectomy, thanks to a cancer scare that praise be turned out to be just a scare. The day after her surgery, Chris happened to be near the hospital for a meeting and he went to visit her and walked with her around the floor, pushing her IV pole. Now, Chris still avoids addressing my parents in any situation which would require him to call them by name, so that was kind of a big step for him. I think it was also the thing that convinced Mom once and for all that he was a good guy who would treat her girl right. I think that was the day she went from liking him well enough to loving him.

We've had our problems like everyone else, but when it comes down to it I made the right and the only choice in marrying the man I married. It's nice to know that Mom finally agrees with me.

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woohoo for Mommas!

I'll have you know, I wrote your mom an email today to tell her happy birthday. It said, quite clearly, "Dear Talullah!" proving that I do address your mother by her first name. And I usually greet your father with a hearty handshake and say something like, "Hey there Gustavo!" Now, if I could just start using their REAL names ;-)

well I guess you have proof now that he does too read your blog

ahhh that's sweet.

UH Chris (oh MY Chris) and I have been together for 10 yrs and I still avoid calling his parent by his first name. (mother has passed away).
Chris does the same with mine.

I avoid calling my inlaws by name too! hehe...and my Mom? Has always loved MrZoot more than me...AND more than my brother...hehe. I guess thats a good thing.

Gustavo was the name my ex-husband gave his camaro. He loved that car...

My mom just barely tolerates my husband. I can tell, because she's always telling me how great he is. If she really liked him, she wouldn't try so hard to convince me that she likes him. Does that make any sense?

I'd be lucky if my mother ever came around to ANYBODY I was ever with. Just doesn't happen.

The one guy she DID approve of turned out to be gay, so maybe her approval isn't really something I require.

My husband has never had a problem had a problem referring to my mom by her first name. I, on the other hand, always make eye contact before talking to my inlaws to avoid calling them anything. I think its because they wanted me to call them Mom and Dad which I can't do but it also makes their first names off limits.

Why didn't she picture Chris for you? Interesting. I'm glad he was able to prove to her that he is the great guy that you alread know he is.

huh..this is interesting. as a non-married person, I had no idea that there could be an issue around calling in-laws by their name. odd.

aww. that's cute. :) my mom currently Can't Stand my boyfriend (granted, he's 'only' a boyfriend, but we have plans of moving that forward..), even though she Doesn't Know him. heh. fun fun stuff. hopefully she comes around like your mom did :D

Awww :) I'm lucky, my parents adore Mr. Sweety.

it's taken my parents FOR-EVAH to really like The Boyfriend. The other day, at my dad's birthday lunch, my mom and The Boyfriend were on the other side of the table, giggling away. And one time my dad broke down in the town where we live, and called The Boyfriend, who came to his rescue. So - I think they finally like him. But I'm sure they are thinking, 'will you just make a honest woman of our daughter already? We want some grandkids!'
it's so great that your mom is appreciating Mr. Cactus. And hooray for him, going to the hospital to visit her - that is a scary thing to do!

I wish my in-laws and I had that kind of relationship. My MIL avoids me like the plague. The feeling is mutual really.

You just gave me goosebumps... I'm so happy for your mom and you and Chris!

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