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More cat pictures. Shut up.

Pixel has fallen in love with my knitting. I'm just hoping he doesn't start peeing on it.

Pix knitting.jpg

And also, everybody needs a bowl full of kitten.

kitty bowl.jpg

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I couldn't love that last picture more. Beautiful, beautiful cat! Such a nice look!

He/she just decided to bypass the middle man and have you pour that food directly in his/her mouth. What a cutie.

hehehe. That kitten in the bowl pic is too cute! :)

Too too cute!

Pixel looks like one of my cats - only my cat has long hair. The kitten picture is too cute. Where can I get myself a bowl full o' kitten?

Who is feeding that bowl full of kitten Hill's Science Diet Hairballs? No wonder she looks like that!!

She's just so darn fuzzy! And cute! And if she were present, or I were present, I would be sneezing incessantly. *sigh* I used to not like cats, but then i started thinking i might want one but I can't cuz I'm rather allergic :(

Awww! See, cute kitty pictures are so awesome! (And everyone always loves 'em.) I think the bowl picture is my favorite though! My fatcat does something like that in the bathroom sink. Yay for cute kitties!

I am choking on my soda. I LOVE that last pic!

Wait-- where'd the kitten come from? Was she the treat waiting at the bottom of the bag? Like in Cracker Jacks?

ha! cute kitten. i have a picture of two kittens i had when i was little, sitting--together--in a rubbermaid container. i'll have to see if i can find it and post it...

as long as pixel doesn't start carrying around balls and skeins of yarn all over the house, you're okay. my cat symphony (well, the family cat) likes to take skeins of yarn and walk ALL OVER THE HOUSE with it, so there's a trail of yarn EVERYWHERE. also? she likes to eat it. :/

I saw the title and groaned...but those are great pictures. Too cute.

Congrats on the job offer too!

Mmmmm... nothing like a bowl of delicious and tasty fuzzy kitten!

If you steal my baby? I steal these kitties. So there.

Um, please tell me that you are never planning to eat from that bowl...

The kitten in the bowl? Priceless.

no no no.. me and my dog had to have a talk about the knitting... :)
now the bowl full of kitty that was funny!

Awww that is TOO cute!! Our cats eat Hill's food aswell :))

Peeing on the knitting would be bad -- very bad --- but what if Pixel decides to do something ELSE in the knitting box? How bad would THAT be? huh?

Ohmygod. Pixel is your black one? My black one is the one that is peeing everywhere. How weird is that? My biggie cat, Charlie, is a long hair orange and white. I'm getting freaked out....

Kitty in a bowl? Very marketable. Like Pound Puppies, I think.

Awwww. And hee. Pixel's just DARING you to move him out of the way.

Pixel what a character! It must be the warm and fuzzies he gets in the basket of yarn! Too fun!

That ginger kitty is so gorgeous. Hilarious blog you got there. Loved the post on things you were offered.

Everytime I visit this site, it's such a cool thing.

And. Oh. Heavens to freaking betsy, I snorted my juice.

Those are wonderful wonderful!!

How much did you have to pay those furry beasts to pose for you? The best I've got of HeBeast is swishing butt walking away. With attitude.

(Now, new and improved and munu'd -

How many cats do you have? They are VERY cute, by the way!!

Neither of my cats could have EVER fit in that bowl!

trust me, if you he knows you don't want him to pee there that is EXACTLY where he WILL pee when he wants to piss you off.

also, bowl of kitten - mmmmm... so cute!

I can never get my batter quite that fluffy, no matter how long I whisk it! Adorable!

OMG You just killed me with cuteness. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

A big, steamy bowl-o-kitty! How cute. The caption for that one should be 'So feed me already!'

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