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More handy gym etiquette tips!

1. Do not stretch in the locker room. There is an entire gym full of mats and other professionally designed stretching devices for your stretching pleasure. You do not need to sit on the floor of the dirty old locker room to stretch. You especially do not need to do toe touches or deep knee bends in the locker room.

2. If you choose to ignore the previous rule and go ahead and stretch in the locker room, and especially if you are doing toe touches or deep knee bends, please for the love of god wear some pants.

(Frankly people, I feel a little violated.)

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Comments (13)

oops..i prefer to stretch in the locker room but i never sit on the floor and I usually wear pants ;)

Ewwwww! That's just gross!

Yikes. Now I feel a little violated.

Man...that was not the mental picture I needed during my break. Blech.

Well now, if I walked into the locker room and found a pantless woman doing stretching excercises I wouldn't complain, well unless she looked like Margret Thatcher or Rosanne!

I am sure there are a lot of other rules that should be followed other than wearing pants while doing toe touches. For example, please do not raise your foot on the bench to dry it if you have no undies on. And, if you feel gas coming on please make sure nobody is sitting on the bench next to you while you let it fly!

oh. My. God. The mental image alone is making me feel all shaky and ill. Might faint. Perhaps I should leave work early and go home to lie down. Because, ew.

I lived with a girl like that my freshman year of college. It was really disturbing.

I couldn't ever look that person in the eye after such an incident.

Yes! Pants! Pants are essential to stretching!

At least it wasn't a guy doing half-naked stretching, eh?

After a few attempts at humor in this comment, I'll just delete and say "Gross". And I hope they get extra muscle cramps the next time they stretch!!

(Doing my best to try to delete the mental images...)

not the kind of thing to think about before lunch... ;-o

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