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Night of the Tornados

There were about eleventy million tornados around here last night, and I would just like to state for the record that I was not scared. I just really enjoy hanging out in the basement. In the bathtub. With the cats and the fish.

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We had the same problem here. I woke up at one point in the middle of the night thinking the house was being ripped apart. The hubby and the dogs slept right through it ... snoring.

Oh no! Tornadoes ARE scary. I think the bathtub was a great choice, and I totally would have been with you on that on. Getting ready for the hurricane, I cleaned out my closet so there would be room for me, the boyfriend, and the dog. The rest of the house would just have to fend for themselves.

OK am DRUNK. Just want to say that to excuse any typos have not caught, since has taken me a long time to write this/edit out my drunken errors. :)

I WANT WEATHER> I live in SO CAL. WE have NO WEATHER HERE. And don't get me wrong. I love that winter to summer varies by like 20-30 degrees. Am a winter wimp having lived life since 12 on the West Coast.

But am I wrong for feeling there is something romantic for cuddling for warmth/fear thru a weather watch?

Could tell you the answer 'cept our last major earthquake was in 1994, and I was alone then. lol

Hmmm, drunk comments - a brave, or is it scary?, thing considering there's no edit or delete button once you press post.

To echo what I left on Chris's site, glad you guys are okay!

The news kept saying that we were getting a "hurricane" when Javier hit land and went straight into the Metro Phoenix area. Yea. Hurricane. Barricane the windows. NOT. We've had some wind. We've had some rain. Nothing to freak about. Granted, we get rain maybe twice a week. People don't know how to drive in it, but for God's sake, we don't need to batton down the hatches!

Twice a year. Sorry, we don't get rain as much as twice a week.

Well, hey. At least you didn't have to share the bathtub with a pet duck. Of course, I have pet cows. That would really be bad in the bath tub.

oh boy. glad you're ok! I'm so glad i live on the first floor in a house with a basement that's over 100 years old as opposed to the second floor of a cheap apartment complex with nowhere to go BUT the bathtub (and my cat is right there with me too, although she could care less).

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