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Only funny to me

When I went down to the old corporate cafeteria today to buy my lunch, the man in line ahead of me had a plastic bottle of Perrier on his tray. Written in large, exciting, exclamatory text on the side of the bottle it said "Now portable!"

1. When was it exactly that a bottle of Perrier was not portable?
2. At first, I thought it said "Now potable!" and that cracked me up. Ha ha, good to know they finally made that crap potable. Like I said, it was only funny to me.

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I bet it is NEW and IMPROVED too!

Nah, I found that amusing too LOL

HAAAAA. That's absolutely hysterical. Because, you know, not ALL bottled waters are portable and/or potable - just some of them are.

For the record, I laughed too. And really it wasn't out of obligation because we're married and stuff. It was funny.

you mean you never saw all those non-portable bottles of Perrier in the market?...the kind they made you drink all of before you went home???.....yea me neither...heh:)

Just for shits and giggles I'd send them an email asking!

No, it's actually funny to me, too!

It's not just you. Maybe they thought the glass bottles made it not portable? But you know, they're French so I think that covers it. ;-)

I had to re-read your entry because I thought you said it was "potable" and not poRtable. Hmmmm - maybe the bottles were too heavy to lift?!?

I can't admit to you that I read it as potable...right your blog. Then I can't admit to you that didn't understand why you thought that was funny. And I sure can't admit to you that I had to reread the entry to figure out the difference. I so need a nap...

Well, I was amused :) Totally non potable water. gotcha ;)

I thought YOU had written "Potable" in the first line. And continued to read "Potable" all the way through until Number 2.

How's THAT? heheh.

It used to only be available from silos located in the Mohave desert. If you wanted some perrier, you'd have to climb a long flight of steps with a giant straw. No kidding.

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