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My wasabi peas are past their sell-by date. Well past their sell-by date. So far past that even I did not eat them, and I usually figure if it doesn't smell rotten it's ok to eat.

I got some baked sour cream and onion potato chips to console myself. Baked potato chips taste like ass.

I am sad. Also hungry.

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Well I can agree with you on that one. I hate the baked chips, they are horrid. If my chips aren't soaked in grease from a deep fat fryer then I don't want them!

I am sad and sick and yucky too. It is raining and just...WAHHHHHHH. Hug?

I drank an Odwalla yesterday that was dated "Drink by Sept. 4" and it was great.

What in the heck are wasabi peas, by the way?

ok, i saw some wasabi peas in the international food aisle today while grocery shopping, and they caught my attention. but what the heck are they? i shook the can and they rattled around...are you supposed to just eat them all hard like that? explain to me, please.

hmmm you were going to have JUST wasabi peas for a snack? That's it? Nothing else?

Noooo! Wasabi peas are wonderful! How could they turn on you like that? How???

I'm sorry about your beans, but you are ON CRACK about those chips. LilZ and I can eat GOBS and GOBS of baked Lays BBQ or Sour Cream and Onion chips. We love them. You are one crazy lady, you know that?

{{hugs}}} for the sadness though.

Wasabi peas go bad? I have like 43829048392 containers of them. I should check. If they are still good I could probably send you like 5 ;)

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