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The ultimate cop-out

So, what do you do when you find yourself with nothing to write? You post IM conversations, of course! Not only does it save you from coming up with new material, but it can be used to prove that you are occasionally slightly amusing when you aren't even trying to entertain an audience. Or something. Anyway, my husband made me a cd to bribe me into not telling everyone exactly how many cds he owns, and here's the conversation we had about it.

Beth: I like the cd
Beth: although I was sensing a theme....
Chris: which was...?
Beth: fish tacos?
Chris: yes! fish tacos...precisely the message I was going for!
Beth: with maybe a side of lima beans?
Chris:'re good
Beth: which wasn't nice, as I hate lima beans
Chris: I'm sorry
Chris: you wouldn't let me put any genesis songs on it so I went with lima beans
Beth: I see
Beth: revenge is a dish best served with lima beans
Chris: so, what theme did you get? because there really was no theme
Beth: see right there? you really blew it
Beth: cause it started off with all these lovey dovey songs, you should have taken credit for that
Chris: well, if it was a negative theme, I was ducking off early
Beth: said it was a little love message from you to me
Beth: you? really need to work on your scamming skills
Chris: no, that was totally intended...the short little angel song at the beginning
Beth: see, now I think you are back-pedaling
Chris: that was intentional...but some songs were just nice too...with no intended meaning
Beth: too late
Chris: I'm fucked huh?
Beth: yup, totally blew it
Beth: better luck next time
Beth: (next time, try lying)
Chris: totally came up with good posting material though!
Beth: dibs
Chris: fuck!
Beth: ha ha
Beth: you are slow, old man
Chris: not as slow as it was when we used to walk to school in driving snowstorms over 25 miles of icy tundra
Beth: uphill, both ways
Chris: damn straight, youngin'
Beth: my apologies, I should show more respect for my elders
Chris: yeah, bite me

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Also? He totally missed an opportunity to start a lima bean meme. Revenge is a dish best served with lima beans... Lima beans, it's what's for dinner... It's not Delivery, it's lima beans... etc.

So how many CDs does he have? My husband also has many more than should be said out loud...

lmao, nice volley.

You two are amusing in every way, aren't you? I want to come over and meet you so that I can laugh and laugh. Because sometimes I need it.

I LOVE that you called DIBS on the conversations!

He can't be that old.. I remember walking to school in 30 miles of icy tundra up hill both ways with nothing on my feet but old potato sacks because we were too poor for shoes.


Fun with Cacti. Just another day in the life of the Cacti, eh?

I wouldn't let him put a Genesis song on there if I were you either! Ever since that freaky "Land of Confusion" video with all the puppet heads, Genesis songs just creep me out.

I like the dibs thing too. I especially like that he respected the dibs. I also think I need to say "dibs" about 80 more times. *snort*

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