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Things which I have been offered today

Here is a list of things I have been offered today:
Extra kidney beans
The finger
A quickie in the supply closet
Extra added bonus work
A large or small towel
Two peanut butter cookies
A new job

Here is the list of things I accepted:
Everything but the quickie

Comments (44)

Congrats on the kidney beans! (and the new job)

Yay! did they go for the big buckets of money or the really big buckets of money???

(were the kidney beans that good?)

congratulations on the job! have you told your not-so-pretend-non-celebrity-boyfriend/stalker yet?

Did you go for the large towel or the small one?

Woo-Hoo, peanut butter cookies! Yum!


(on the new job too, although its not as good as peanut butter cookies!)

Ooh, new job. Congratulations!

Way to go on the new job. I'm disappointed you past on the quickie. Congratulations!

Yay new jobbie-job!

Can I have the old one? I really don't care for mine.

Yay, congrats on job. Sorry I missed the weirdness post but I feel it's too late to post my weirdnesses now, you'd just think I was odd..

Question: If you were offered the quickie in some other place besides the supply closet, would you have taken it?


Congrats on the new job. Now I am pondering what I was offered today. Not much, but I am not home yet and I am sure the quickie "anywhere" will be offered as soon as I walk in the door. wink wink

A quicky in the supply cabinet...tough one to turn down. But congrats on the new job!!

Aw, Zoot stole my joke. Congrats on the new job!


This might just be me, but, I would have taken the quickie over everything else....

Smart move. Now that you've got the job, you can check out the company supply closet to determine if it's adequate for the quickie.

cookies, towels, kidney beans AND a new job... stop toying with our emotions!

(congrats btw)

You got a new job WITHOUT the quickie in the closet? Man. You gotta teach me what you do.


congrats on the new job ... w00t

I would have turned down the quickie in the supply closet too. I tried it once but ended up out for weeks on workman's comp from an incident involving my ass and a stapler. It wasn't pretty.

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB!!!!! (And so proud you didn't need the quickie in the closet to get the job!)

awesome! new job! yay!

someone offered you their finger? how cool. ;) congrats on the job! i hope your luck rubs off on me. i got a call-back. :D but we're playing phone tag until i can call them tomorrow. lol

What exactly does it mean to accept the finger?

Huzzah! (which we don't really say here in New Zealand)

Good on ya mate! (Yep, that's more like it)

congratulations on the new job!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!

Congrats on the new job! When do you start?

Yay! Congratulations on the new job. And the peanut butter cookies.

I think I would pee my pants if I got 28 comments on my site. Speaking of which...I'd pee my pants if I got 5 comments on one post on my site.

(congrats on the new job)

Congratulations!! WHo offered that quickie, anyway and when do you start!?

HOORAY on the job offer! Good for you!

But extra kidney beans? I love them but extra?

Absolutely brilliant blog, Beth! I plan to stop by more often.Cheers.

1. How many kidney beans did you have already?

2. What did you do with the finger?

3. A quick what?

4. Wasn't the added bonus work you already had enough that you needed extra?

5. So which did you take?

6. Did they come with the kidney beans?

7. Was the new employer specified or did they leave that up to you?

Congrats on the job, chica! Do you get money and a new office? Or just money? Also? Were the peanut butter cookies made with chunky or smooth peanut butter? I don't really like them when they are made with chunky. Its a texture thing.

Maybe, if and when you get your own office, you can rain check that quicky for in there instead. Just a thought.

sorry I am so late coming to the game here! HOORAY BETH! YOU ROCK! and for god's sake, no more broken fax machine moments, right?
PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES? add a Hershey's Kiss and you've got Heaven, pure, unadultered Heaven.

yay for the new job!

Hooray for you! I will drink a pint tonight in your honor! Congrats!

I love pb cookies ... and -- did you take the job???

Congrats on the new job!!! :)))

How fully unfair. I want to get a new job!



Yes, You Got Offered all these things, but were you wearing a cute shirt?!

Whoops! Congrats by the way :-) On all the above, except the turn down on the quickie.....any regrets?!

Congrats on ALL the offers! It is good to be offered...even if you have to turn things down like the quickie...A new job! Did you take it? And did you offer the finger back?

The quickie in the closet distracted me so much I almost missed it! Congratulations. When do you atart?

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