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Was it good for you?

People! Oh my gosh, that was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who commented and especially to those who came out of the woodwork to say hello. You are all a great big bunch of freaks, but I mean that in the nicest possible sense.

Since a lot of people chose to comment about their. shall we say "quirks," I thought I would post one of mine, just to be fair. The problem is that there are so many to choose from. You have to promise not to tease me though, because if you do tease me there will be sadness and crying like a kicked puppy dog and whatnot. Anyway, here goes: I count letters in words. Stay with me, it gets better. I count letters in words with my toes. I do this by moving my toes (as a group, not individually) up or down for each letter in the word. For example, take the word whore (since we have established that I am a comments whore). Whore has five letters, so you start with the right foot (you always start with the right foot) and move your toes like this: W = right toes up, h = left toes up, o = right toes down, r = left toes down, e = right toes up. It is best to have words with five letters so that you run through the whole process and wind up with your right toes up. Other odd numbers are also acceptable. Even numbers are bad. Once you finish a word, you are free to start with another word, but you pick up where you left off in the process and move on from there. I do this all day every day for as long as I can remember. It is probably a cry for help and also prozac, but as compulsions go it is pretty harmless.

Also, I live with a constant sneaking suspicion that people are making fun of my hair. Are you making fun of my hair? It usually looks better than this, really.

As an aside, I just totally cracked myself in the forehead with the bathroom stall door. I am such a loser.

I am very excited about all the new sites I have to check out now. I'm trying to save it as a reward for actually doing my job. You know, I will work for 30 minutes straight and as a reward I will go check out a new blog. I have yet to make it an entire 30 minutes, but I promise I will buckle down this afternoon. Maybe. I did try to answer everyone who commented on my last post, but gmail is evil and also on crack and combines emails from different people totally at random so sometimes it looks like I responded when I really did not. If I haven't responded to you please don't hate me, hate my gmail. Speaking of, I have 6 gmail invites that I have had sitting around for weeks. Anybody want one?

I am also very excited that I got a comment from Jennifer, who I have been cyber-stalking for months. Really, ask me something about Jennifer. Anything, I'm prepared. Hold on, that was creepy, wasn't it? I'm not really cyber-stalking, but you know how there are some sites that you are too shy to comment on because you are worried the blogger will think you're not cool? Yeah, I have a lot of those. Quick, everybody go check out Jennifer's site and then come back and tell me something witty and clever I can leave in her comments. (And yes, this will totally make her think I'm cool, right?)

Also, Jenny is pregnant! And you heard it here first! And she had better watch out or I will totally steal her baby! Because you know, she already has one baby and I have zero babies and that is not fair and also she has pretty blond hair so her's will be a good baby to steal. Do you think she'll notice?

Ok gang, that's enough random babbling. I have to go fix my hair.

Comments (13)

i'm so glad i'm not the only one who tries desperately to do work for a solid 30 minutes before checking the blogs and fails miserably.

Re: your hair. Did you and BedHeadSmallTalk break up??

Ze hair is beautiful! No need of fixing! All short and cute and pretty.

Not like my far far too long and all I can do is put it in a clip and pray for the day when I can finally get a damn haircut do.

Also, what Mir said. Didn't BedHeadSmallTalk do your hair right and make you remember what it was like to be a cute-hair-having woman again?

Aaaah...the bathroom stall.
There is a Panera Bread near us that is fairly new, and the stall door hinges are still kinda tight. You have to give them a good pull to get them open, and I almost always wonk myself.
I feel your pain.

I love when people tell me about their little quirks. I have so many... I used to count my steps when I would walk home from school. But not like normal counting, no I would have to take a certain amount of steps in each block, never stepping on the "cracks". This included me stopping every so often, and taking small steps to be sure I didn't take to many or to few steps. Or I would recite my social security number over and over, in my head. At work they call me OCD girl... heh

MAN! I am so bummed that I missed yesterday's posting!

Oh yeah. Jennifer. I used to cyber-stalk her too. She's a good read.

The foot thing? Would drive me crazy. Because I prefer evens and would want all my toes down when finished.

Apropos of nothing... when I open the window to leave a comment, I'm never remembered. But apparently Monica W is, because her name always gets filled in. Who is this woman??

Aww, I have never been so honored as by your wanting to steal my baby! Oh and the other baby is almost 5, so he doesn't count. Please arrange your stealing to occur between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am, ok? Thanks :)

i'm glad you said something about
1) promising yourself to work for a certain amount of time and failing. You are not alone.

2) gmail is sometimes strange. I am not using mine right now because the home computer I use for blogging won't enable cookies or some crap.

baby lust must be in the air, because I feel like my uterus has taken over all my rational decision making skills, screaming TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Seriously I hope you and Mr. Cactus can get everything figured out and have a sweet yummy baby. Will do a fertility dance for you ;)

Oh, I'm back now. I followed your link to Jennifer (Piehole) and you're right about her. I kept reading and spitting out tea laughing. She's so twisted in a lovely way.

But so are you. You are every bit as twisted and endearing.

mmm... Panera.

I count letters, too, and syllables. But not with my toes. I do them in groups of two to see if it's odd or even (both in letters and syllables).

Wow, I am a freak!

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