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Wires Crossed

I have my wires crossed today. All morning, I have been singing this little song in my head. This is a real song, not a made up song like the time I was sick and sang about snot all day. Actually, it is two songs which I have some how mushed together in my head. The songs are "Santa Baby" which has been done by tons of people and "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. The result is something like this:

Santa baby, I'll walk across the fire for you
Santa baby, I'll drown in my desire for you

I'm hoping this just means that I need more sleep, rather than being an indication of a previously undiscovered crush on Santa Claus.

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Ummmm.....paging Dr. Freud...paging Dr. Freud...

And when you get to "I'm the only one who ... put some presents under my tree, for me. " line your co-workers are gonna feel so bad for you that this year you will get lots of loot from them.

HA!!! You're a Santa perv!!

Well....Santa IS cute in kinda a jolly way.

Well ya know....singing that to your hubby works like a charm! *grins*

I do this all the time. Not with those particular songs, mind you, but in general.

I still think you might want to examine your Santa issues with the guidance of a professional. Just to be safe.

i like both of those songs, so why not mush 'em, you know? :) have you seen the movie "bad santa"? a character in that movie has a santa fetish, lol.

Those songs don't even go? You need some shut eye quick!

that's not so bad...D does that all the time on purpose's taken me 24 hours to figure this one out. If you just tap out the beat of the two songs, they are very similar. That's how they work well together.

No Dr. Freud for you. My guess is that it comes from being married to a rather musical person.

Yeah, I absolutely have that stuck in my head now. I also always have a "theme song" when I'm at work. It's usually country. I don't know what that means.

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