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A puzzlement

My husband never leaves the seat up. No really, never. Except when we're on vacation. You get that man into a hotel, and the first thing he does is run into the bathroom and put the seat up. I just don't get it.

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riddle me this....D and K...two boys raised in the exact same house with the exact same momma....and the exact same set of rules..(both married at some point for roughly the same amount of time)...D never forgets to put the seat down....K never remembers to put it about a HUH?

I've managed to get my husband to put not only the seat, but also the lid, down. But his mother comes to visit and doesn't close the lid. You can see our gues bathroom from the kitchen when the door is open. So, yes, I am the crazy daughter-in-law that goes around putting toilet lids down when the in-laws come to visit.

My husband never puts the seat down, and I've fallen in several times.

I started writing messages on the toilet seat using a dry-erase marker.

How long does it takes before something becomes habitual???

what a rebel, that husband of yours! *wink* :)

We all have to rebel some how! And at least it is only in hotels! : )

In my house we have a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom...then I don't have to ever worry about it, and when friends come they use the girl bathroom! It is always clean! *Smirk* No fights!

My theory? Sort of a "liberty on vacation" sort of thing.

He does, because he can.

It's a guy thing. Don't try to understand it, because you never will.

What is with women falling into the toilet? Do you people walk into the bathroom backwards or something? Guys seem to remember to put the seat down when they have to sit. What's with the women?

Or is this just one more thing that women whine about and guys just roll their eyes and say "Oh, yes, dear, so sorry. Can I go watch the game now?".

I have a confession to make on my husband's behalf. He pees sitting down. Never has to remember to put the seat down and never splashes. Weird? Yeah. Ok with me? Yeah. Now LittleJuJu is another story.

Well at least he doesn't do it at home. I guess his hotel toilet seat manners aren't as good as his home manners.

I laughed at this when I read it last week. I wasn't laughing yesterday when the Aggie and I checked into a hotel for our anniversary and, sure enough, he immediately left the seat up. And he did it the whole time were there. WTF?

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