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After the Thing

Thanks for all of the crossing of the various bits of yourselves. It must have worked, because the thing was just a thing after all. I'm eating peanut butter cookies to celebrate.

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well I came in too late to cross anything ...but I'm glad the thing went well....I'll have a couple of cookies in honor of the thing going well also :)

Yes, I missed the thing

So what was the thing?




What? They were out of animal crackers?

yay on the thing being just thingy. have a couple pb cookies for me, i looove pb cookies! hmmm, perhaps i should get off my butt and make some...

I shall refrain from mentioning the bizarre mental image that the phase "crossing various bits of yourselves" is producing.

Aw man, I missed sending good vibes about the thing. I'll just send jealous vibes about the cookies I suppose.

Okay -- now you really have my curiousity aroused... what gives? 'will define the rest of my life'? Is there a little fish on the way? I'm so confused....

Glad we helped you through the vague!!

Glad it was just a thing. Sorry about the limericks, I was off entertaining relatives. I'm no good at limericks anyway. Even though my mother is actually from Limerick. No truly, it's a place, you can google it.

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