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Better luck next time

Sadly, there was no winner in the Name the Purse contest, so nobody gets a picture of my butt. I know you are all brokenhearted. Since I'm officially bored with this, here are the answers.

PursesPSD copy.jpg

Many thanks to the hubby for his Photoshop wizardy.

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I missed the earlier post but I enjoyed the phot of the likey! Can you tell I've been watching SATC reruns?

My real life is interfering too much with my blog habit. Must consider cutting back on real life.

I think I would have guessed correctly, but now we'll never know. :(

I've read a few of your posts , but when I saw the photo's of your bags,it made me laugh out loud. When they're not hanging around with the cat on the stairs where on earth do you keep them all?!

Wow, he is a wizard. Me? I would have just been explaining which position each purse was in.

You didn't want a winner, did you? Because you didn't want to give that much-desired picture!

I've never understood the female obsession with purses and shoes. Considering I have three (females that is) living in my house, it gets to be a bit overwhelming at times. But what I really wanted to say was Happy Anniversary! Oh and I was so disappointed that there wasn't the Beth butt shot. LoL.

My god- that's quite a few purses! I only have about 5 or so, but none Coach, sadly. I want me a nice leathery-smelling purse :)

Curses! I got two out of three. Never would've guessed the smaller red one.

I MISSED it :( I should do even less at work, so I have more time for blogs & purses.

UGH! I was totally going to guess the two red purses but then I thought "Well, if I were to own THREE Coach bags, would I really own two red ones?" So, alas, I guessed incorrectly.

No offense, but I didn't really want a pic of your butt anyway. I was thinking maybe you could coerce your darling hubby into compiling another CD for the winner.

DAYUM! I had a picture frame all picked out and had the perfect spot for the photo of your ass all dusted off and ready to go.
Now what the heck am I gonna put there?!

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