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Calling all poetasters

Anybody want to help me write a dirty limmerick? I have a good reason for it, but I don't have time to explain right now.

Also, I just noticed that if I had a little floppy bow tie I could go straight to work at McDonald's. I am such a fashion plate.

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Beth had a great purple blog
she filled it with great dialogue
when it got too complex
she liked to have sex
to inspire more monologue

I wasn't sure how dirty you wanted it. I mean hey we could fill one with bad words too!


Good god, girl! What the hell are you wearing?!?

is it bad that i was trying to figure out what a 'poe' was and why someone would taste it?

Hope you really meant dirty, I pilfered this on some website, maybe it'll give you inspiration:

But there also a talented lass,
Whose paintings were judged as first class,
Although nobody knew
That each time that she'd screw,
She'd paint with a brush in her ass.

In the Garden of Eden stood Adam
With his hand in the crack of his madam.
It filled him with mirth
'Cause on this whole earth,
There were only two balls and he had 'em.

In days of old, when knights were bold,
And condoms weren't invented,
They wrapped their socks
Around their cocks,
And babies were prevented!

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