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Conference Call

I'm on a conference call. It's been an hour and fifteen minutes so far, and I'm expecting another three hours or so. I am giving serious consideration to chewing off my own head to escape.

UPDATE: Just passed the 3 hour mark and still going strong.

ANOTHER UPDATE: 4 hours, 38 minutes, 47 seconds. Really.

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I don't recommend that. I hear the hair balls can be a real bitch.

Chewing off...your own head...

Could we get some video footage of that?

What you really need is a continous feed recording of yourself saying things like: "uh-huh," "really?," "I agree," and others. Then you can leave and no one will know.

3 *more* hours?

That's just unholy. Don't they know you have a vacation to go on?

Have a great time! Happy anniversay, yes it's early, but you'll be gone having the time of your life with coach bags in tow and a handsome husband to focus on!
Have a safe trip, and Beth, don't do anything I wouldn't do!
(that leaves ya wide open, btw!)

Uhhh... 'scuzi? That is ridiculous. Are pants required for this call?

That's nothing -- my record is 46 hours and 20 minutes --- of course, I fell asleep for the last 41 hours of the call...

OY! Stop the madness and go home to pack! Do we need to send in a hostage negotiator? Cause we will...

Just what exactly do you do when you're on a conference call and you have to take a pee? I have the world's smallest bladder, and I couldn't go more than 3 hours without going.

Short of planning the takeover of the world, what requires a four hour conference call?

I HATE those long con calls. There should be a mandatory limit on how long you can sit on one of those ungodly things!

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