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Ditz of the Day

And the Ditz of the Day Award for Saturday, October 2 goes to....


Congratulations, Beth! You have won this prized and coveted award by leaving your ATM card in the ATM and driving away! Way to go, Beth!

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to take my husband out and make him buy me things since he is the only person in this relationship who still has any purchasing power.

Comments (15)

I hope this story has a happy ending!

So the bank account is now...empty?

I have yet to leave my card any place but I did have a day that I completly blanked on my pin number. Not a momentary lapse, but get a out of line and cry because I couldn't remember it kind of blank.

Ooops. I'm forgetful and you really made me cringe there. Hope everything works out.

Ahhh that was yours, thanks for the big screen tv and the new wardrobe, I needed them badly!

So, thinking about Jeff A's comment, I thought, "Well, he'd know whose it was because most cards have the person's name on them." And then I pictured a debit card with the name "Beth Cactus". Umhm.

Call your bank, or the bank that owns the ATM this happened at. After a while, if a card is unclaimed, the ATM sucks it back in. You might be able to get it back!

Also, oops.

Oh dear, I am so sorry for you! My husband would have flipped we mean to do these things.

As Dawnie mentioned, the machine probably sucked it back in. I know this because I once did that TWICE IN ONE WEEK.

The second time I came back for my card I swear I saw a customer service manager roll her eyes when she saw me.

Three things (and I work for a bank):

1. Call your bank immediately and tell them the date and time it happened so you won't be charged with any purchases.

2. Check your account and make sure there were not unauthorized purchases.

3. Call the bank that owns the ATM and see if you can reclaim the card.

Well, it looks like all the comments before mine pretty much cover all the comedy and advice points. So, I'll be empathic; that sucks! =)

if it makes you feel any better, i left my atm card in my little coin purse w/ my bus pass... ON THE BUS. on my BIRTHDAY last year. i had to call the bank to cancel the card and get another one, and when the lady asked for my info and my birthday and i told her, she had the audacity to wish me a happy birthday. lol

I've done that, too. Thankfully, the bank holds the card if you call them the next day. That way, you don't have to wait for one to be mailed to you.

If it makes you feel better, I fell out of a plastic chair yesterday. Standing up in it. On my butt. My butt hurts.

On 3 visits in a row to my parents' house, my husband left his in the SAME ATM. And that bank destroys ATM cards that are not their customers' cards. Nice!

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