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I'm off to NYC, kids. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone.

BTW - my toenails are painted Big Apple Red. That makes me cool, right?

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Big Apple Red is definitely cool!
Have a great time!

I have a feeling the matching fanny packs would have been overkill! lol

that makes you so cool! heh :) have a grand time!

Happy Anniversary! Have a great vacation.

You're SO cool! HA! Happy Anniversary and have fun in NYC!!!

Psyeah. That def. makes you cool!

Have a grand ol' time in NYC. After all, NY is the best place to be. ;)

Big Apple coloured toenails? Very fruity ;)

Hope you had a wonderful time in NY, picked yourselves up matching fanny packs (oooh that word! It has such a different meaning here in NZ!) as well as a couple of matching sun visors.

Have fun!

You do not suck.

When you get back, you can answer all of those e-mails!

Can't wait to hear all about it! Big Apple Red is definitely cool. I miss pedicures. Sorry, this is about you not me right?

As a long time lurker, I just wanted to say have a blast! I love going into the city, it's always a great time.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! Can't wait to hear how the purses worked out for you.

Hey on a totally different note! You changed your quote! Coolness!

Beth Just wanted to say I stopped by and enjoyed your site. Looking forward to when you get back to hear some more.

Pea-green with envy is an understatment. No need to say I hope you're having a good NYC, a good time is a given! Looking forward to your take on the trip after you return.

Hope you have a wonderful time and a happy anniversary!

Be sure to get matching disposable cameras -- that always goes over well in NYC -- tourists....

Hope you had a great time in NYC! (P.S. I'm a new blogger. Love your site).

Hope you're having a great time!

I am a new blogger and recently came upon your site. You write some great stuff....enjoy the city....

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