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A couple of weeks ago, I combined three blogrolls into one. In doing so, I inadvertently dropped a link and have been duly chastened. I have corrected the problem and you should all go check out Patrick because he is erudite and interesting and also kinda hot (although also kinda married, so don't anybody get their hopes up). Anyway, now I'm worried that I may have either dropped or overlooked someone else. So help me out people. Go take a look at my blogroll and see if you are there. Go ahead, I'll wait.



Back? Good. Now, if you aren't on my list and you should be, please let me know so I can add you. If you were there before and aren't there now I promise it is a mistake. I only remove links when I discover that the person is nasty and horrible and I haven't had to do that very much. It has to be serious nastiness and horribleness to qualify, just being a Republican is not enough. Also, if you are linked to me and have never said hello, this might be a good time so I can start reading your site too.

Finally, if anyone was curious why I wanted a dirty limerick last week, you can get the scoop at my husband's site. Part one is here and part two is here.

Confidential to the web geeks: I just learned how to do trackbacks, I think. Are you proud of me?

Confidential to Patrick: Does telling the internet that you are hot get me forgiven?

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Comments (10)

I sure hope you rectified the situation ma'am. ;-)
I noticed I am not on the blogroll.....
*waiting for a small twinge of guilt*

Ahh, but alas, I never was to begin with....sigh.....

I didn't scroll far enough to see the listing under the "S's".......
I am sorry Ma'am for the mistake!

You're very kind.

I feel a bit like NFL running back Ricky Williams being welcomed back to the Miami Dolphins.

Except for the part where I didn't spend the last two weeks in Thailand smoking my own weight in weed. Or the part where I might have to repay my already spent $8 million signing bonus.

Or the part where I cut off my natty dreads. Or the part where -- on the off chance I win my arbitration hearing -- I will likely be traded to the Oakland Raiders.

Come to think of it, Ricky Williams is a pretty interesting guy! Perhaps if things don't work out with you and Mr. Owen, or even with Mr. So the Fish Said, well...

"Matchmaker, mathchmaker, make me a match...."

Hugs not drugs,


Um...I want to be at the top. Yes, I know it's alphabetical....but I want to be at the top anyway. :) Thanks!

Not there, never was... Not worthy *sniff*.. Did that work? No? nothing? Didn't think so... :) :) :)

I'm quite impressed with your limerick. You rhymed and everything! ;D

Most impressive limerick Beth. I'm sure Mr. So the Fish Said was just bursting with pride. /double entendre

I don't rate. ;-)


Damn you Patrick for being married!

Also - I'd been meaning to tell you but I'll do it here - nice hats!! :)

Hey - hows the new bag(s) working out from vacation? Didn't you buy some faux-Coach?

I am missing, but can't remember if I was there before or not. Or it's possible I said something? Hope the thing went well!

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