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I should be working!

I really should be working. I have so much to do that thinking about it makes me hyperventilate. But damn, it's boring stuff. Also, I only have a few days left of this crappy job, so motivation does not come easily. I'm working at home today so I can really focus on these stupid spreadsheets, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. I've been taking pictures instead. So, I am proud to present Beth's Procrastination Photo Essay!

First, here are my pretty new running shoes.


Lovely, yes? These are the flowers I made Chris buy me.


I like them because they are yellow and because when I was a kid my favorite color was yellow because I had a yellow bathrobe that glowed in the dark. My flowers do not glow in the dark. Yes, I checked.

This it the fantabulous new scarf that I just finished knitting. I am very talented.


This used to be my breakfast.


It was quite possibly the best blueberry muffin ever and it made me very happy. It made Pixel very happy too. That cat will eat anything.

This is a picture of my very handsome brother and some chick in a great dress and shoes that hurt like a bitch.


What, you can't see the shoes? You will just have to trust me as I have it on very good authority that wearing those shoes was a particularly cruel form of torture. Also, back off girls, he's married.

And finally, here's a picture of the hubby and some other random chick with very bad bridesmaid hair and also some strange guy.


What's wrong with her, you may be wondering? That is just the normal human reaction to being mooned by a group of men wearing kilts and sparkly red thongs.

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Great shoes. Great flowers. Where's MY muffin? Love the dress. Kilts AND thongs?

I'm glad ou warned me that he was married, because your brother is way hot.

So I guess I'll have to have an internet crush on your ex-blueberry muffin instead.

mmm... muffin.

That chick looks fantastic in the dress, though, despite the evil shoes and bridesmaid hair.

Also, Pixel really WILL eat anything. I've never seen Bobo go for baked goods, and I thought HE ate anything. Apparently I was wrong. (I think Bobo and Pixel are long lost relatives, also.)

My cat too will eat anything, including baked goods. She will even eat dry noodles.

I hope the shoes were taken out of the box and put on-- they couldn't possibly have been worn outside. What about the precious tread?!

And the last picture is great. Great great, even.

Glad to se you are spending your time wisely!

Nice shoes.

What kind of flowers are they?

Scarf looks very warm!

I love blueberry muffins, hell I love blueberry anything for that matter.

Don't worry, although your brother is dashing I really don't get into that stuff!

Again I really don't get into that kind of stuff although I guess men in kilts and thongs might be amusing for a moment.

I really enjoyed your photo essay, I hope that someday when your future employer catches on you can at least get a decent check from the unemployment office! ;-)

Thanks for the pictures. I always love them.

I didn't know you knit. I do a bit of that myself. It's better than working.---- Much better than working.

Have a great weekend!

I am insanely jealous of your mad knitting skillz. Anything I try to knit comes with the whole "attacked by a cat look". But I have no cat.

HEY! Isn't that Grace (of Will and Grace fame) chatting up your husband??

This is the reason that I am starting a collection. The donations can be made out to "Jade's Digital Camera For Survival Fund".

I will become extinct if I am refused the human right to have that much fun, especially while I am supposed to be working.

Way to stop and smell the roses!

I bow to your knitting skills. I made a wash cloth once and I dropped so many stitches it looked more like a spiderweb.

mmm blueberry

are those flowers alstromerias? i love those! i had tons of those at my wedding... not in yellow though, cuz yellow is for you. =)

you are very talented and humble too. as I am a fantabulously talented and humble person too, I can really appreciate these things about you. :D

love the running shoes. now i'm feeling the urge to go buy a pair. i'm so impressionable. ::sigh::

Great pics! Love the flowers. When I was younger, my favorite color was yellow too! :)

Great shoes! I need new running shoes. Now I'm jealous.

Chris posted that picture a while back. He was so proud of you. He even bragged if I remember correctly.... I love it. You guys are a really cute couple.

your running shoes are better than my running shoes. :P prettyful flowers. lurvely little scarf :) i can't post a picture of mine until after i get home from dinner on the 7th (birthday present. the intended friend likes to read my blog). mm. muffin. my kitty would totally eat the muffin, too. yay torture shoes! or not. about the kilts - was the reaction to the shock of being mooned, or the shock of them wearing anything under their kilts. aren't they not supposed to wear anything? lol.

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