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I'm ready for my vacation now, Mr. DeMille

Yesterday I lost 9 hours worth of work.

Then my fish died.

If I make it to 5:00 today without either screaming of crying I will consider the day a huge success.

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Apparently yesterday was a bad day all around. Hubby & I both had crappy days.
To a better day today!

Well, off here in my Belgian fastness, I had a rotten day too but can I tell you as someone who has already reached lunchtime, that today is a whole lot better...

Oh and sorry about your fish.

I had a crappy day too. Not as crappy as THAT, though.

I'm sorry about your fish. And your work.

I find that crying hysterically in the bathroom for an hour just after lunch, helps me make it through the rest of the day without screaming in the office like a crazy lunatic trapped in cubicle hell.

Ew ew ew.

But, Vacation! This weekend! You can do it!

Sorry to hear about your fish. Just remember it's Friday and this time tomorrow you'll be in NYC!!!

Sorry bout your fishie :( Have a good cry and then cry some more. Nothing more theraputic than a good cry.

oooh... give yourself a good cry, nothing beats a good cry... =(

Have a GREAT anniversary weekend, though!

Hope it gets better. Have a great weekend in NYC. Happy Anniversary!

I am very sorry about the fish...

Well My day was I feel guilty though! Sorry you had such a rotten day. Hopefully your fish didnt get the "ick"...My friend just lost her 4 year old goldfish, Albert, to "ick", it was horrible! I hope today is better and just think, youll be in NY soon! Again, IM JEALOUS!!!

I'm sorry about Consuelo. He sounded like a tremendously cool fish.

Consuelo died? Dang! I liked him!

Sorry for the bad day!

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