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In the interest of full disclosure

So, um, if I post pictures of my Coach bags, will you guys help me decide which to take?

They were gifts, I swear! But there is one I love like it was my child.

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We'll help you decide which ones to take, but we will also hate you. It's a trade off, really.

I love coach bags. And I'd be happy to issue my opinion.


I would love to help you choose which one to take!
Jealousy definately comes with the opinion, however. You decide.

i've got to see! i can live through you and pretend they are mine! mwuahahaha!

Post them -- I'm king at picking great purses... I use to rifle through my mom's all the time looking for quarters...

I would love to help, but will need to know which outfits you are taking to help you decide!

Go for it! I'm a purse freak so I'm dying to see these lauded bags.

I will help you decide if you send the other one to me!

If there's one you love like it was your child, then what's to decide?

I will happily help you decide what to take. I will also happily babysit any bags that you may need to leave behind.

Ooooo, yes! And then pics of your shoes. Then your feet. Yes, the feet!

Um, just out of curiosity ofcourse.

I want to see, I want to see...

Of course we want to see and be envious, that is part of the greatness of being a woman!

must. see. coach. bags. Hello, my name is Sheryl and I am a pursaholic.

Definitely. Then do we get to help you decide which shoes to take? That is always my biggest problem. I can't go anywhere without at least 3 pairs of shoes minimum.

Yay! I have two Coach bags that were gifts and feel guilty when I carry them, like I have to explain that I didn't buy them. Isn't it awful that we do that to ourselves?? Who really cares?!

lemme see! :D

Now Dont Be A Tease, Show us those damn bags! And while youre at it, why not slip on the hot anniversary pants and flash us a picture of those as well :-)

PS. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your trip to NY? Yeah, Im Jealous!

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