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It sucks to be back at work

I started my new job today! Although, not so much as I have yet to speak to my new boss and have spent the entire day going through emails from last week that are all about my old job. You see, my former so-called-manager could not be bothered to give me anyone to transition things to, so everything basically just sat in my inbox last week. This is terrible because it drives me crazy to have things going undone due to a useless manager. However, it is also wonderful in that 80% of the email I received last week I have just been forwarding to my former so-called-manager and saying "please respond to sender." Giggle.

In unrelated news, in an effort to be good and healthy I did not get the peanut butter cookies out of the vending machine and got the animal crackers instead. I am regretting that decision.

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Yay!! Booo!! Yay!! Booo!!! (C'mon- animal crackers? really???!)

Old bosses - bad
New bosses - good

Uh, until new bosses become old boses. Elapsed time estimated at 5.4 days.

Animal crackers? Have you tried dipping them in Nutella?

But you could've justified the Peanut Butter cookies as protein. :-)

okay. important question now: when eating animal crackers, head or tail first?

So do you think old boss will actually respond to them?

Animal crackers, bleh. If you are going to eat those you need a can of chocolate icing and maybe some sprinkles. Hell for that matter who needs the stupid crackers just eat the icing out of the can and chase it with some sprinkles...

Oh, you said healthy didn't you, just leave out the sprinkles then!

But animal crackers rock!

Besides, with them, you can stage your own desktop production of "Old McDonald Had A Farm, Bitch". Let's see you do THAT with peanut butter cookies!

I like animal crackers. I'm pretty sure most of the time I eat them head first.

I LIKE animal crackers. I also like peanut butter cookies.

Best of luck with your new job.

It is proven that the peanut butter cookies are better for you, due to the protien you know.....

Oh dear. Never, ever pass up peanut butter. ;)

Peanut butter cookies trump every other cookie in the universe -- except maybe double-stuff Oreos... maybe...

always, ALWAYS eat the head first.

that way, they can't witness the horror that is you tearing off their limbs.

You got a new job while I was away? Damn I miss everything.
Animal crackers and nutella???
oh my...I need that in my life (like I need a second ass)

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