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It's a good thing I only have four days left in this job because...

I almost sent an IM to my boss saying "No shit, bitch." I mean almost as in I typed it and caught myself just before I hit enter.

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Well, what can she do exactly? Fire you? HA!

So what DID you say?

There are so many times that I would have loved to send an IM that got JUST far enough and then I had to delete it without sending. I feel you...or I know how you feel. Heh.

whoa. four days sure, but there's no sense in lighting the match just yet... you gotta wait till the day after you're gone to do that. :D

but what i want to know (because i'm all shades of nosy) is who that message was meant for if not your boss. that's the kind of phrase that really could go down several paths.

Oh how many times i have wanted to send the complete email to my boss, before editing it. Too bad I need the damn money!

Oh, please.. please send it :) on your last day, just before you leave.

I have never been brave enough to burn a bridge like that.


congratulations on your self control. You had the fun of writing it, and the sense to tell us (bloggers) instead of sending to the intended recipient.


My husband always says 'Never piss off the ass you may be kissing tomorrow.' Nope, you got to say it to us, now breath deep, in... out... relax. Ok, over it. Move on! heh.

It felt good to type it out at least eh?

There are days I fantasize of what I'll do the day I quit. In the meantime I want to live vicariously through you.

Burn Bridges Baby!

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