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Just thinking

I'm not sure I will ever be able to be completely happy if I am not allowed to make out with Sting at least once.

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If you are freakishly flexable and he is somewhat combined with the tantric thing... wow that could be a pretty potent combo. No wonder you want to do that!

oops I think I took that a little farther than I should have... but darn it is a nice thought


AMEN!! I so agree. ;)

I second that. I'd like to make out with Bon Jovi while I'm at it.

Will anybody, really?

Do you have to start thought processes like that in the middle of the day!
I am really trying to be productive

Doesn't he have five or six houses in New York? Perhaps this weekend you'll achieve true happiness (and celebrate your anniversary!).

Sorry...I was trying to link to Empress in that last comment, but since I'm a complete asswad, it didn't work all that well. :/

i support you in this - I think you should track him down. It would be a great excuse to visit England, too!

i'm so tired my eyes are half shut, i'm starving, and i just spent seven hours in a car, but that made me laugh out loud. and you think you're not funny? snap out of it!

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