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Nobody loves me

It's official, nobody loves me. I'll admit there are very good reasons for it, but it still makes me sad. I have been a lousy lately - not commenting, not answering emails, going on vacation, not posting, etc. I suck. But I was still surprised yesterday that I suck so much that only one person wanted to help me write a dirty limerick. I can't even promise that I'll get much better soon, since I have this new job which is good but also crazy. But now I'm so sad and depressed that I'm not sure I even have the energy to do my new job. Poor Beth. Poor, poor Beth.

(How'm I doing? I'm practicing my guilt-tripping powers. I decided to cut the hubby some slack and practice on the internet instead of on him. I'm open to pointers.)

Seriously though, sorry if I haven't been to your site in a while and I really miss you all, but I have literally ten meetings today and that is only slightly unusual for my new job and that sort of thing really interferes with my blogging.

Anyway, I have been freaking out since Tuesday morning about the whole boss hugging thing. I started thinking that maybe she didn't really want to hug me and I had misread a totally innocent gesture as a hug-me clue and that she thought I was a total freak who went around inappropriately hugging and that she would fire me or report me to HR or tell jokes about me to all her non-stupid-hugger friends. Seriously, I lost sleep over this. I've also been pulling out my own hair and talking to myself and don't you all feel sorry for me that I have such issues? Do you want to buy me a kitten to make me feel better? (Whoops, sorry. still practicing.) However, as the new boss was leaving last night, she hugged me again and that was definitely what she was going for because she hugged my officemate too. So while I found the hugging a little unusual, it is a nice change from my last manager who would just as soon throw rocks at me as look at me.

All in all? Hugging is better than stoning. No contest.

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Comments (28)

1. Hee
2. You are so ready to be a parent, because the guilt is very good.
3. I suck at writing regular limericks, so dirty ones are way out of my league.
4. I will buy you a kitten if you buy me one.
5. Yes, in almost all occasions, hugging is better than stoning.

1. Um, I didn't read anyone yesterday because my job sucks

2. I get feelings all the time that people hate me or aren't reading me and then I remember...oh yeah...that's right.

3. You do not WANT another animal..once you have a baby you'll realize that I am right.

4. You are going to make such a good mom.

Okay. I've been seriously thinking about your hugging thing, and I've come up with something:

Maybe she's so thankful that you took the job because a)the person before you sucked ass bad and so now you're there saving the day, or b) the person before you had HUGE personality conflicts with her and made her work-life a living hell, and again? You're there saving the day.

Or maybe she's just one of those weird huggy-people that thinks they can hug their way to the top?

1) I have been having these same "nobody loves me issues" so I can't say much to help you feel better, but hey? I still come and see you!

2) I have never had a boss actually hug me on the first day. It is weird, but you are right, better than stones anyday of the week.

3)I have in-laws coming this weekend. Stop feeling sorry for you and feel sorry for me...m'kay?

4) ok, we can go back to feeling sorry for you now. Poor, Poor poor Beth :(

Any reason we are numbering our comments? Just curious and feeling left out. I would have helped with the limerick but my creative juices weren't flowing. Glad you are back. And I am feeling not loved too, no comments in a couple of days. How's my guilt trip?

great guilt... i'd add in a couple "why do i even bother" statements too, i mean, why not?

the only dirty limerick i know starts off like this... i suppose you could elaborate on it or use it as a reference point...
"i know a girl from beacon falls
she's got tits like basketballs"

there is a girl beth is her name
writing limericks is not her game
something something underpants
on a boat trip on to france
something something something fame

that's all i got (i think the beat is off too) =\

I'm here! I'm here! I can't get past "There once was a girl from Nantucket...", but I'll try.

I'm no good at limmericks, so I decided not to play along, but I'm here.

So what happens when it comes time for her to be a "boss" and correct or get sturn with you? She's huggy?! That's not professional. That's definately crossing that line. Still not cool with me.

I'm just not creative enough to come up with a dirty lyric. Especially not this week! Sorry.

Very good guilting! I actually felt bad for a second there, before I remembered that I have no idea how to write a limerick. I don't think I've ever heard one all the way to the end!

So glad the hugging ambiguity has been resolved. :)

I was thinking about your hugging boss as well. What if she had survived a horrible disease and now wants to relish every bit of joy in life that she can. Greeting people with true affection and friendship might just be her way that she tells them "You are valued and important." Wouldn't you give everyone an extra special hug if you thought it might be your last day, anywhere?

Or she could just be huggy. Some folks are like that. :)

i'm here! i just suck at limericks.. plain and nasty ones. lol

I think if my boss tried to hug me I would knee him in the cajones, I think thats a guy thing though.

I'm not sure about that last thing though, I kind of like being stoned! ;-)

Oh Success!...I feel so guilty....but in my defence I'm Horrable at limiricks and I still totally love you(though I still will not make out with you).....on the other note...I have sat up nights about such things too...and hugs are much better than rocks

(use yahoo firewall blocks gmail)

I tried to write a limmerick but I only got as far as
"There once was a girl from Nantucket..."
and then I said awww f*** it 'cause I'm not very good at this.

I still find the hugging weird but I agree that it's better than stoning.

Um. I don't hate you. Lymrics just isn't my thing...see I can't even spell it. I am better at dirty stories or regular poetry and prose. You can find examples on my "Doing Things With Skin" blog. (yes, lame advertisement there.)

You're not aweful because you haven't posted/responded/read. Life sometimes gets in the way. Nervy little thing.

((((BETH)))) I've missed you while you've been lost in real life!

We still love you, so you can stop with the kittens...

Here's a hug. Feel better?

But are hugs as good as lots and lots of comments? I'm not sure!


I, for one, still love you, but I hadn't checked any blogs in about three days until today! Sorry about that.

Although I'm no help in the dirty limerick department either!

I wish that my boss would hug me. I don't have a great relationship with her right now. Everyone calls her a bitch. I don't think she's that bad but she's very hard to approach although as soon as you do get through the shield she's not too bad. It just takes a lot of energy to get through. Engough babbling. Point is, I wish that I had a nicer boss.,

If my boss hugged me, I'd be a little freaked -- okay, more than freaked -- I find it strange that co-workers go around hugging each other -- it can mean so many things -- and from where I sit, I don't think ANY of the meanings are good. But -- rather than worry you to the point of baldness, I'll just write this all off to being a newby on the job -- in a few weeks I'm sure they will be collecting rocks -- just for you. :-)

still here.

and still loving you.


Here!! No more worm eating, Beth. Go ask your boss for a hug and just feel the love.

I have a new job too, and I've had a bad cold, so I've been just as lax as you have about posting, commenting and e-mailing people.

I still love ya, and I will try and come up with a dirty limerick when we get back from dinner tonight. Or, is it too late for me to be forgiven?

I'll buy you a kitten :) Where can I send it? I hope it survises the long flight ;p

Hugging with the boss. I can't imagine hugging my manager. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. If he'd ever even try to hug me, I'll feed his nuts to Chip and Dale.

I'm new, but I'll be happy to show you a bit of love, or a hug, just because you're you. And because you're willing to take out your ennui on electrons rather than your husband. Oh, I long for those days. They'll come... I hope.

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