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We're home. NYC was great and I'll write all about it tomorrow-ish. Right now, I have something else to say.

Three years ago today we returned from another vacation, to North Carolina's Outer Banks. Three years ago today, a dear friend of mine died. He was 25.

I have tried to think of something profound and meaningful to say about my friend, but all I ever come up with is stuff about gum and sunglasses and crazy drunk conversations and none of it captures how amazing he was or how much I miss him or how much it still hurts.

We were each other's evil twin. I lost a part of myself three years ago today.

Miss you, Peanut.
Like crazy, baby.

Right click and save please, to hear him sing.

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I am sorry for your loss. Today is the anniversary of my father-in-law's death as well.

I've just typed and deleted three paragraphs. So, before I delete this too, I'll just say that I'm truly sorry for your loss, and that I understand how hard it is to write about losing someone close to you.

I've been trying to write a memorial to my grandmother for two years, and I just can't do it. It never seems good enough. It never will be.

No need to be profound and meaningful... like Debbie said, it's hard to write about. You're keeping his memory alive though, and that alone speaks well of him.

I'm too am sorry for your loss....I know the feeling all to well....glad you are back though

There is no need for "profound words". Your emotions say it all.
I am very sorry for your loss and your pain today. Albeit, welcome home. You were missed.

We did miss you! Welcome home and hugs for you today as you remember your friend.

*hugs* It's hard to lose someone close but you are keeping his memory alive, so you'll never really "lose" him.

I understand...October is a hard month for me always. But I am glad that I had the people in my life for as long as I was given them, sometimes too short. They made me better.

Welcome back I missed you.

Sorry. That's very sad. Listened to his song though - he sounds fun.

I'm crying now. And I'm writing myself a note to call all of my friends tomorrow!

He sounds like he was fun (and funny)! The Pork Song!? Makes me laugh through my tears.

Hey. glad to see you're back. Also, it means a lot to people who feel close to you in your blog to read about a part of you that isn't the usual jolly, chipper self. We're all human and you've proven to me once again that you're just a kick ass person....ok..that was all mushy and stuff....just thanks.

I'm so sorry for you loss. Some pains, time can not heal..

(((good thoughts)))

Chin up! Sorry.

Your post made me sad - I too had an evil twin (he was killed, aged 36, two years ago this July past).

Deep down I'm still pissed off with him for leaving me.

I long for all the laughter never to be laughed but I treasure all the laughs that were.

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