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Random Complaint

Ok, who the hell dressed me this morning? This damned jacket is driving me mad! As soon as I figure out who it was who decided that this was a reasonable outfit selection, I am going to make them wear this jacket for the rest of the day.

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I know those days so well it is scary. Now if I feel that way that article of clothing sees the trash can the minute I get home.

But it makes you look soooooo sexy!

Oh man, I was having a little chuckle over that until I realized what I'm wearing-- I'm dressed like a harvest parade! Ahh!

I think you should blame Chris for it, just because it would be fun to make him wear your jacket.

Maybe I was there in spirit and since I am jealous of the trip and the coach bags, I might have somehow influenced your jacket choice....
I am not sure, I am just sayin'....

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