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Step One: Admitting you Have a Problem

Honest to God people, I don't know where all of these came from.


Well, ok. I know that one came from Paris and one came from Egypt and one from my wedding and one from being a bridesmaid and one from Chris's grandmother, but really this is a little insane.

Also, anybody else notice I have a black thing? Maybe tomorrow we'll do a shot of all my black shoes and then on Thursday we can do my collection of nearly identical black pants.

The bottom step has the three leading contenders to go to New York. From left to right they are: the ugly travel purse, the sparkly evening bag and the extra auxiliary bag that I am taking for no reason in particular.

The one on top is not actually a purse but rather my cat. I'd use her as a purse, but she is always dropping my sunglasses.

So, here's the game. There are three Coach bags in this picture, can you pick them out? I was going to add little numbers to make this easier, but decided I would lose interest around number 8. Instead, you will have to describe the position in the line-up, such as: top step, second from the right. First person to get it right before we all get bored and go read other blogs wins a prize. I don't know what the prize will be, possibly a picture of my butt in my new jeans, but I will negotiate that with the winner.

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I have the same illness, but ALL mine are Coach. And, that is ONLY because I used to work for the company that owned Coach and we got a 50% discount. They even had employee blow out sales where I got a couple of breifcases for less than $100.

The sad thing is that I never use them anymore, but I cannot bear to give them away ore sell them. I'm glad that my sickness is shared with nice people!

Okay, my guesses. The first two I'm quite certain about:
The bottom right, red purse, I think it's the Coach studio legacy leather demi.
The second, a black one of the 3rd stair up, "Janice's Legacy"
And this is the wild card...the backpack-ish one on the 3rd stair, far left. That's basically just because it's leather.

I think I have the black and white marbled type purse on the bottom step, are they sequins?

Guesses are: red purse bottom step,
far right purse on third step up, and second from the left top step.

Here are my guesses - top step, farthest to the right. Third step from the top, again on the right, the camel colored one. And finally, bottom step, the red one on the right.

Oooh! Pretty purses...

My guesses for the Coach: The black one, the other black one, and the other other black one. How'd I do?

And the first black one (from the left) on the third step (from the bottom)-- is that a box? Parading as a purse? Whatever. I like it. Send it to me.

MY PICKS -- 1st step: middle one; 2nd step: tan on far right; 3rd step: 2nd one in from right

My picks are the ones you should take, not which are Coach :) Oops!!

I love the bags you've chosen for your trip - excellent choices.

Take the red one. And mail the clutch/baguette to me!


OOOH. What a lovely bag collection. My life has been incomplete, I was unfamiliar with the joys of Coach. In return, I tell you that you must go forth and inspect Mandarina Duck.

I'm guessing top strp by the bannister, but other than that i can't tell

Oh, HELL, I can't tell. Whatever.

However, I think you should take the red sparkly one (2nd step from the bottom, 2nd from the left) as a backup sparkly evening bag, because I like it.

Man, I have no idea. Except the one on the second row from the top, all the way on the right. That looks like a Coach bag. Maybe also the larger black bag on the third row from the top, and the red one on the bottom row?

What exactly does a coach bag look like?
Am I supposed to know one if I saw it?

I think you definately need to talk all three of the ones in front on the trip. You must always be prepared for anything!

i like your ugly travel purse! lol





Your first choices. Front row. Hell. Any of them.



The black one with the tassel, I own that. I also own I think three others that are from the same collection from some of yours.

My coach guesses are the camel one, the non-shiny red one and the black one second row from top, fourth from the left.

Let's see...the red one on the first step (the tag on the outside is the giveaway on that one), the beige one on the second step, and black (!) large hobo type bag on the 3rd step, far right side.

And no, you do not have a sickness, you just have some symptoms. My sister-in-law has 85 purses, about half of them are Coach. THAT is a sickness. My poor, poor (and I mean that literally) brother!

Oh yeah, and that whole Mandarina Duck thing? HOLY CRAP! I'm all about designer stuff but MAN, I would never pay $200++ for a man's wallet, NEVER!


maybe you and i should start a program for purse addicts. I have my admission ready to go. just say the word. :D

When I go to NY I always find that my purse(s) are much too ugly and unstylish, so I have to buy a new purse on the street immediately. Still I think you should take all 3 Just In Case.

Here's my guess for the 3 Coach bags:

Bottom step far left and far right and 2nd step from top, far right.

I once went to the Coach outlet in upstate NY and I still wish I'd bought more!

Have a great trip!

I can't pick out a Coach bag unless I can actually see Coach printed on it. If I put all my purses out like that and my husband saw, he would make me throw out at least 5 black purses. I have a black thing too.

OH MY God --- You have a serious purse jones...

I just moved recently and the ones I kept AFTER donating some to goodwill were enough to fill one of those big Rubbermaid totes. Eek! My guesses: Bottom step black purse on the left and red purse on the right; Third step up, black purse on the right. Yay!

I too have an ENORMOUS shoe and handbag problem. I have two closets in my new apartment, and they are FULL of shoes and bags. This is after I brought half of each category home because I didn't have room for them here. It's really distressing. I should take a picture of all my stuff too, ooh, that's more fun than writing papers.

I'm into the black skirt and dress thing. I must admit though, my handbag collection is growing but not quite as big as yours... YET.


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